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Regional Cooperation, Organizations and Problems

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Regional Cooperation, Organizations and Problems

Longitud: 319 página


Encyclopedia of Public International Law, 6: Regional Cooperation, Organizations, and Problems focuses on regional organizations, cooperation, and problems, including boundary disputes, membership, and functions of organizations.

The publication first elaborates on the American-Canadian Boundary Disputes and Cooperation, American-Mexican Boundary Disputes and Cooperation, Andean common market, League of Arab States, and the Association of South-east Asian Nations. Discussions focus on structure and organization, activities, evaluation, membership, functions, and establishment, objectives, and principles. The text then examines the Balkan Pact of 1953/1954, Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union, Benelux Economic Union, and boundary disputes between China and USSR.

The manuscript considers the boundary disputes in Latin America and Africa, Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, European Atomic Energy Community, European Coal and Steel Community, and the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations. The publication also takes a look at the Economic Community of West African States, European Atomic Energy Community, and the European Atomic Energy Society.
The book is a vital source of information for researchers interested in regional organizations, cooperation, and problems.
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