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The Geometry of Algebraic Fermi Curves
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The Geometry of Algebraic Fermi Curves deals with the geometry of algebraic Fermi curves, with emphasis on the inverse spectral problem. Topics covered include the periodic Schrödinger operator and electrons in a crystal; one-dimensional algebraic Bloch varieties; separable Bloch varieties; and monodromy for separable and generic Bloch varieties. Compactification, the potential zero, and density of states are also discussed.
This book consists of 13 chapters and begins by recalling the static lattice approximation for electronic motion at low temperature in a pure, finite sample of a d-dimensional crystal. The position of the Fermi energy and the geometry of the Fermi hypersurface in relation to the metallic properties of the crystal are described. The following chapters focus on the Bloch variety associated with a discrete two-dimensional periodic Schrödinger operator; algebraic Bloch varieties in one dimension; compactification of the Bloch variety; and the potential zero. The geometry of the Bloch variety of a separable potential is also considered, along with the topology of the family of Fermi curves. The final chapter demonstrates how the Bloch variety is determined by the density of states.
This monograph will be a useful resource for students and teachers of mathematics.
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