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Students can hone their verbal and grammatical skills with this entertaining workbook. Search-a-words, crossword puzzles, anagrams, and other challenges build vocabulary and spelling skills. They also help students understand and identify idioms, irregular past tenses and participles, and other linguistic stumbling blocks. Perfect for individual study or as a course supplement.
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Can you find the ten colors in this word game? Start with any letter, then move along a black line, in any direction, to another letter until you spell the name of a color. Then write the color names on the lines below. You cannot jump. The first one is done for you.

Four-Letter Words

Secret Fruits

Pam likes all of these fruits, but the one she likes best is a secret. Fill in the missing letters on each line, and the vertical box will tell you that her favorite fruit is a

Traveling around the United States

Unscramble¹ each word to find out which states Reiko has visited.

Now, unscramble the letters in the circles, and you’ll see that Reiko hasn’t seen____________________ yet.

Where Are All the