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12 feb 2017


Peter leaves his house and gets together with his girlfriend, Vivian. Together, they decide to go shopping at a department store. But someone is following Peter. He has a debt to pay, but he doesn't have any money. He has an idea: shoplift an item at the department store. The police detain him. Then comes the surprise: Peter has won a trip for being the 10,000th thief. If you'd like to know how his story continues.

12 feb 2017

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Only Peter - Ana Escudero y Belén Escudero


Ana Escudero

Belén Escudero

The content of this book cannot be reproduced either totally or partially, without the previous editor’s authorization. All rights are reserved.


I  Peter goes shopping

II Peter goes to California

III Roasted Peter

IV Peter in pain

V  Peter also plays

VI Peter soaked and employed

VII Peter is dressed again

VIII Peter goes to the circus

IX  Peter in jail

X Peter changes destination

XI  Peter and the seven giants

XII Peter and Sultan

XIII  Peter sweeps leaves without end

XIV Peter, the worst cook ever

XV Peter takes a stroll through the mountains

XVI A foot bath for Peter

XVII Peter falls into the river

XVIII  Does Peter meet with the Debt Collector?

XIX Peter almost nude

XX Peter works as a waiter

XXI Peter looks for the Debt Collector

XXII  Peter gets struck by the lighting

XXIII Peter and the boss

XXIV Peter eats like a King

XXV Peter and the haunted house

XXVI Peter wants to get into his house

XXVII Peter can finally sleep in his bed

XXVIII Peter calms down


The authors and the work

Ana and Belén Escudero are two sisters from Barcelona, avid readers since their early childhoods. One day they independently decided that they also liked writing stories from their imaginations.

It was a hot summer day when they decided it would be a good idea to write a story together. The results are what you have in your hands. The beginning of the literary piece, with the phrase: He went out into the street, was the starting point for a novel with a very original method of development, since each sister alternated with each sentence. If Belén was in charge of the beginning, Ana would write the next sentence: Peter stood still in the middle of the door, and they kept this routine for the 28 chapters of Only Peter.

The result is here, in your hands, a funny story written on an ongoing basis. None of the sisters knew at the beginning of the story what would result from Peter’s misadventures.

We hope you will enjoy it, or at least bring a smile on your face, while you wonder if you have ever met anyone like Peter.


Peter goes shopping

He went out into the street. Peter stood still in the middle of the door. He did not know where to go. He looked to both sides without making a decision. Then, he saw him. He took a step back, frightened. He owed him money. The man was coming closer, slowly. He could go back inside, but he did not want to because he was not a coward. He breathed deeply, covered his eyes with the hat, bent his head, and went out into the street. He quickly walked directly towards him, without stopping, thinking that with a bit of luck... The aforementioned continued down the street. It seemed as if he had not seen him. Peter sighed in relief when he bumped into Vivian.

Hello, I was going to your house, Vivian said.

Hello, not now! Peter answered.

Where are you going? You never wear a hat.

Well... I was going to look for you, baby. Where else would I go?

Ah! Come, I want to buy a dress.

You look very pretty. he said looking around, just in case he could see him.

I know. But, today is Monday.

Where are we going? he asked, taking her by the arm.

Downtown, she said, pushing him across the street.

They crossed but, in the middle of the street, the traffic lights turned red. They ran to reach the other side of the pavement. Peter looked back. He had a feeling he was being followed. They continued together to a big department store. At the door, a serious receptionist did not smile at them. They entered and Vivian went to the dress section.

Peter followed her.

Don’t even think about buying anything pink. he warned her.

Vivian did not reply and started grabbing dresses, one after the other. She got into a free fitting room and hung the dresses while Peter was looking for a present for his mother. He stopped in front of a mirror. He was still thinking that the Debt Collector was behind him. And he was not mistaken, since he was there. Just behind him. He wanted to shout, to escape, but he didn’t do it. Perhaps, he hadn’t seen him. He looked to the mirror again. The man smiled openly.

This is a dream, Peter thought.

But if he had seen him, he should do something.

Vivian! She would protect him. He approached the fitting room and shouted:

Vivian, come on. It is already dark.

Don’t rush me! I still have to try on sixteen more dresses.

If you do not come out, I am leaving, he threatened.

Only fifteen left.

Peter looked towards the individual, the same person he had seen at the door of his house. He was approaching the fitting room. What to do? He touched his forehead; he had an idea a great idea. He went near the men’s coats and took one, hanging it on his arm. Afterwards, he grabbed a wallet and walked casually towards one of the exits. When he arrived at the door, the alarm sounded. Several security officers immediately appeared and grabbed him.

But... what happened? I have not stolen anything, he said, looking for the guy.

Of course, one of them said. and I am Santa Claus. What are you looking for?

Nothing. Are you not going to bring me to the police station?

Take it easy, man. You with someone else?

Yes, she is in the fitting room.

Trying the goods, is she? You, he said to another officer. Find her!

No, she only came with me. Aren’t you going to arrest me?

Don’t tell us what we have to do. Let us see, is this your first time?

Peter breathed deeply, he raised his arm and punched one of the officers. He staggered, but he did not fall. 

Now are you taking me to the police station?

Morris! Cuff him, ordered the chief. Peter extended his hands and smiled while Morris handcuffed him.

Where is the girl? asked the chief, when he saw the officer coming alone.

With her dad. She is the daughter of one of the shop assistants.

Come on! said the chief.

Peter was put in a patrol car with two officers. He was going to the police station.

The car rushed through the streets and the same guy was following them with his car. They stopped after three streets. The police officers were joyfully smiling. An arrest! The first one since they have started. The main officer was looking at him, he should tell him. Peter did not say anything.

Congratulations! You are the ten thousandth thief of the city. You have won a trip to California with all expenses paid. Come on, you can go.

For two people? he asked innocently.

Of course not. Do you want the city to be in debt?

And the trip, how much does it cost?

Why do you care? You are not paying for it. Are you going or not?

I just want to know.

Well, it costs around 2,000 dollars.

2,000? Just the amount he owed the Debt Collector, plus 3,000 more. He was going to travel far away, without seeing him nor Vivian.

Ok. But I want to go immediately.

Good. You drive.

But first I must go home. I need to take some clothes. Afterwards, you’ll take me to the airport, ok?

Where do you live? they asked him.

Money Street, number 200, he answered.

The car departed rapidly, it took them about ten minutes, and behind them... guess who? The Debt Collector, with a grey suit and hair with dandruff.

Peter got out of the car and entered his house. He took the necessary things. He was going to leave the country soon. When he went out, he panicked when he saw that the officers were not there anymore and that the Debt Collector was in front of the door. Peter looked back.

Just what I needed, to see the officers in action and not go to California, he thought.

He should take the first step and face the problem. He took a deep breath and approached the Debt Collector. He didn’t see him. Peter approached him and said:

Excuse me, do I know you?

Ha ha ha! Do you know how much you owe me?

Sorry, but I owe you nothing. You can ask my friends, the officers who come over there. 

Where? he asked frightened, but he did not leave.

But... are you blind? he asked while he pointed to the left. Over there.

The Debt Collector looked towards that direction. It could be true, it could be a lie, but he certainly saw them. Peter took advantage of the moment and pushed the Debt Collector to the ground. The fall caused him to break his leg.

Bye! Peter shouted, mocking him.

Peter looked down, this was the first time he was travelling by plane. Actually, this was the first time he was travelling at all. Until then he had not had enough money to spend in travelling. A police car was coming and Peter saw it. At least, it looked like a police car. Peter stretched. He would take a nap. He lied back on his seat; he could feel the floor’s arrival while his eyes were closing. He could not see the stewardess arriving with drinks until she stood right in front of him.

Would you like to drink something, sir? asked the stewardess kindly. 

What? What is the matter? he asked half sleep. Oh, no!

Peter tried to fix his sight on the stewardess’ legs, but he was too sleepy. His head hung to the right and his arm touched his neighbor, a plumpy, rather ugly man with an unfriendly expression, who was looking at him with a murderous gaze. He grunted, but even if he had shouted, it was the same. Peter was fast asleep and not even an earthquake could wake him up.

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts, the plane will land in a few minutes, somebody announced through the loudspeaker.

All the passengers followed the instructions. The fat man struggled. Peter looked at him with pity, but he was looking forward to landing in the sunny California, one of his favourite places on the planet.

The plane landed without a hitch and people sighed in relief. Peter looked at them in disdain while he waited to exit. His turn arrived after a family with four small and disorderly children passed by.

Finally, he was in California. Peter looked around with enthusiasm. He was going to enjoy it!

After collecting his four bags, he looked for a vacant taxi. There were several at the airport waiting for their prey. He approached one of them and stared at the driver. He was looking at himself in the mirror while combing his hair. Peter knocked on the window to get his attention, but the taxi driver seemed not to care. Peter insisted with more energy, hitting so strong that he broke the window pane of the vehicle. But the driver did not move. Peter went in front of the taxi and stared at the face of the driver.

He certainly doesn’t look good, he thought.

He approached him and smelled his breath to check whether he was drunk.

No, not at all. Peter walked backwards, frightened. He was dead, dead as a doornail.

Why had he chosen a taxi with a pale driver? He hesitated. He didn’t know whether to leave quietly or to call the police. He looked around and then his eyes widened. He could not be seeing what he thought. It was him, the Debt Collector, with his white hair, but this time with a plastered leg.

He was talking on a cell phone with his boss. He never knew whether it was a man or a woman. He looked at him in horror. He had killed the driver, he was sure of it. He should leave the place before he could see him. Peter left running. He shoved anyone who was in his way. They shouted and complained, but Peter didn’t care. He was too afraid.

Suddenly, he felt a chill on his back. The Debt Collector ran a lot. He found an alley and got into a doorway. He was trapped. The Debt Collector approached and told him:  

Why I am never successful? You approached the taxi too soon. I had to be the driver. Do you understand? But I had to make a phone call. I don’t like to sit close to a dead corpse. You understand, don’t you? Everyone has feelings.

Peter looked at him with a stupefied gaze and nodded. He had to be crazy.

Now, give me the money, he demanded.


Peter goes to California

Peter looked at him.

What money? he asked as quiet as possible. Perhaps, if he pretended not to know, he could deceive him.

Don’t pretend to be dumb. Where is the money? I don’t have a lot of patience.

He wants me to be scared, He told himself.

I haven´t got any money here. But, I have it upstairs, he said opening the doorway. If you wished to follow me...

The Debt Collector looked at him skeptically. He had suffered a lot because of him. But he had to do his job. He went close to the door. Peter closed his eyes and counted to three. Plash! He had slammed the door

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