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The City Of Alphas - The Complete Paranormal Romance Novel

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 The Epic Series As A Complete Novel For The First Time Ever

New York City. For some it is the city of dreams, for others it is the city of dark secrets.

Tara is a curvy artist from Manhattan and sparks fly when she meets her sexy new neighbor Alex. It is not long before she and Alex are enjoying some of the steamiest sex she has ever had and Tara has fallen heavily for her ruggedly handsome lover.

However, Alex has a secret.

He is the ex-Alpha of a wolf pack from Michigan and he came to the city to flee the pack life and live a more “human” life.

In a city of 8 million humans, Alex figures he would just fade into the background and go unnoticed but he was wrong. Very wrong.

Little did Alex know, that by coming to the City he was not escaping anything. He was actually running into even more danger as it becomes apparent that he is not the only Alpha in the big city.

So when Sebastian, the Alpha Of Manhattan, learns of Alex's relationship with human Tara the death penalty is expected to follow but first he has an interesting proposition for the star crossed lovers...

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