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Science of Weight

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Science of Weight

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* Learn food science which impacts weight
* Learn 'The Weight Equation' to explain why weight is not stable.
* Learn how to safely loose weight
* Learn how to safely increase weight
* Learn how to measure yourself accurately
* Learn how to track your progress with either paper or apps.

The Science of Weight offers an easy to follow guide to weight management. Its not a diet book, or offer you a diet plan. What this book does offer is a real understanding of what makes us put on weight and what takes it away. You will understand what molecules are importamnt when talking about weight management. You will learn a simple equation which will explain why our weight changes. Armed with this knowledge you will be able to safely increase or decrease your weight. This book will also show you how to acuratley measure your weight, keep track of your progress and offers tools to log your targets.
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