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Loudoun County:: People and Places

Loudoun County:: People and Places

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Loudoun County:: People and Places

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Sep 18, 2012


Although geography plays a significant role in a place's identity, it is the people and their stories that make an area special. Loudoun County is one such place, a county known for its charm and uniquepersonality. Over the past 250 years, the county has drawn a truly eclectic population from across the world, and these different immigrant groups have shaped the county's history with their churches, schools, and businesses--all still clearly visible into the twenty-first century. Loudoun County: People and Places highlights the everyday life of itscitizens throughout the county, capturing in word and image the local flavor of Leesburg and the county's many historic towns and villages. Possessing a strong religious presence, Loudoun County is dotted with many old churches, representing a wide network of beliefs and faiths,and this volume takes readers on an extraordinary visual tour showcasing their beautiful exteriors and diverse architectural styles. Throughout the rest of the work, readers will encounter scenes of forgotten one-room schoolhouses, posed snapshots of early faculty members and students, and different views around the county that capture early businesses, local celebrations, and famous homes. This book also features a chapter on the photographs of Winslow Williams, a prolific local studio photographer whose work has preserved many scenes and familiar facesaround the county.
Sep 18, 2012

Sobre el autor

Images of America: Leesburg is a fascinating photographic chronicle of this important town compiled by author Mary Fishback, who has written several books on the area including Images of America: Loudoun County.

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Loudoun County: - Mary Fishback




Loudoun County’s religious tolerance has been evident since 1757, with the multi -denominational aspects already in full swing. In the mid to late 1700s, there were Anglican, Quaker, German Reform, Lutheran, and Methodist churches, just to name a few of the organized sects in the county. Today there are over 500 different churches of varied denominations in the county. The following is a brief historical look at a few of the churches in Loudoun County.

On July 2, 1903, Bethany United Methodist Church was born, five years before the town of Purcellville was incorporated. The Reverend Frank A. Strother was the first minister. The original church building was part of what is now Hall’s Funeral Home. In the late 1920s, the present church building was constructed. Clarence Case was the general contractor. The Reverend William B. Ramey Jr. is the current pastor. (Photo courtesy of Fran Poston.)

As of 1988, three women have been members of Bethany United Methodist for over 70 years. Mrs. Ruth Dillon Schulke joined in 1915; Mrs. Mildred Davis Anderson joined in 1916; and Miss Muriel Cornwell joined in 1917. Including these 3 women, there are 32 people who have been members of Bethany for over 50 years. (Photo courtesy of Fran Poston.)

Christ Episcopal Church, in Lucketts, Virginia, has a congregation that can be traced back to 1773, when it met in private homes in the area. The current building was built in 1868 and re-consecrated in 1988. This was a mission church of St. James Episcopal Church in Leesburg, Virginia. (Photo courtesy of Fran Poston.)

These two photographs were taken five years apart. They show how popular Benton’s Woods’ Camp Meetings were in their hey-day.

Faith Chapel Presbyterian Church, in Lucketts, Virginia, has been expanded several times to accommodate larger congregations and community functions supported by the church. The bottom photo shows the rear of the church, where there is a large cemetery that remains in use even today.

The Christian Science Society moved to Leesburg in 1971. Its mother society is the First Church of Christ Science in Boston, Massachusetts. The readings of Mary Baker Eddy are taught in this church. (Photo courtesy of Fran Poston.)

The Hamilton Baptist Church was built in 1889, and there have been additions in 1950 and 1968. This church is located on old Rt. 7 west of Leesburg, Virginia. (Photo courtesy of Fran Poston.)

The church built on this property came to be called Harmony United Methodist Church because the Tavenner Farm was called Harmony Hall. The building, constructed after 1833, was a plain rectangular design and made of uncoursed fieldstone with two front doors and a gabled roof. Inside, galleries ran along the east and west sides and the north end of the building. The windows were plain glass and rectangular in shape. In his recollections written about 1905, Richard W. Ruse describes the interior of the church. In those days all the light they had were tallow candles in candle sticks hung against the posts under the galleries and around the walls and one on each corner of the pulpit. They had to have a pair of snuffers, and the sexton would go around every once in a while and snuff the candles to make them give more light.

Because candlelight was so dim, evening services were held at early candlelight. Richard Ruse says, the preacher had to give out two lines of a hymn at a time, so the people could sing them, the lights being so bad that they could not read them. The church, in fact, had only two hymnals, one for the preacher and one for the leader.

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