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Exercises with Phrasal Verbs #2 is for anyone learning English as a foreign or second language (EFL/ESL). It is aimed at students of intermediate and advanced levels. The book provides extensive practice of over 350 of the most useful phrasal verbs in English.

Let’s be honest, phrasal verbs are never going to be the most fun part of learning English. However, with this ‘clic-book’ you can work with a lot of material at your own speed and without pressure, focusing on this key aspect of the English language.

The book is divided into three sections. PART ONE focuses on phrasal verbs that use the most frequent lexical verbs (get, go, make, put, etc.), providing lots of opportunities to practice these verbs. PART TWO is based on the prepositions used in phrasal verbs (about, from, in, on, up, etc.) and once again provides a great many opportunities to practice the most common verbs.

In parts ONE and TWO you will study over 350 different phrasal verbs, each used in different exercises. Finally, PART THREE contains five longer texts containing many of the phrasal verbs found in the previous parts of the book, plus some new ones. These longer texts are very useful for practising reading comprehension at an intermediate-advanced level.

This book is for EFL / ESOL students at levels B and C of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, for TOEFL and TOEIC, and for those studying towards Cambridge First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced exams.

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Clic-books: What? Clic-books are a simple and enjoyable way to practice a foreign language. Using your phone, tablet or e-book reader, work through the texts at your own pace.

Clic-books: Why? Because people have busy lives, and learning languages is difficult and time-consuming. Clic-books are all about little and often. Whenever you have a few minutes free, practice a foreign language in a relaxed and convenient way, developing your knowledge quickly and effectively.

Clic-books: How? Clic-books present you with very short examples of the foreign language, normally one question at a time. By clicking to the following page you can immediately see the answer.

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