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Personality Boost

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Over a MILLION people were tested and hundreds of companies use it daily.

“DISC” is a world-renowned test used in various situations, ranging from screening potential employees to determine leadership and interpersonal communication skills to fixing relationship issues.

Why should you read this book?

o to directly apply a world-renowned test and identify your personality
o to access a practical tool that has real world applications in:
   o influencing and motivating others
   o winning friends
   o improving relationships (you will understand your spouse’s secret language especially when she looks strange at you and says the ubiquitous “nothing”, or when he is hyper aggressive over his own quality time)
o to apply an experiential, step-by-step, action plan specifically designed to DISCover your strengths and tackle your weaknesses
o because it’s targeted to people who want to get hired
o … and to the business people who do the hiring
o because it helps you understand what your prospective employer or employee wants from you (how they think, act and react the way they do)
o the book features content specific to leadership, sales, relationships and more; it’s a holistic approach with applications in your everyday life

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