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Once in the forest witch met magicians. - Would you give go? - Politely asked the witch. - And if you do not go with us? - Happily bared magicians. That's how the journey began Choirs. Of course, she was terribly unhappy, hissing and cursing to get away and hid ... Because I do not know Chora that only at the end of the path chosen for her seeing it will be able to find long-awaited happiness.

- Remember! If ever in your way will fall woman with white hair, impish grin on her face and ... sorry, a bathing suit on a naked body - you know: You met with Hora. Excessive greed, wickedness, and unwillingness to obey the fundamental laws of the Guilds - these are the characteristic features of this enchantress. Communicate with Hora undesirable quarrel - strictly prohibited. The best response to her appearance at the moment is considered an escape ...
- Excuse me, teacher - raised his hand in the first row of young light blond guy. - But if the magician Heru - a kind of unwanted subject of the wizarding world, then why the Guild so eager to get her into their ranks?

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Chapter 1

I was just a rare case when beauty meets the inner beauty of the outside


- I have tired legs! I have wings hurt! - Whine large shaggy puppy butting leg mistress Lobastov head. The hostess was attached, languidly waved and bobbed up and down in response to the most powerful butting. At some point, the puppy overdone, with all his banged under the knee and just squeaked when the hostess flew off the trail into a roadside bush.

- You have no conscience at all, huh ?! - She screamed, getting back to the forest road.

- I was very sorry ... - puppy as though reduced in size and fun scraped his leg. - But I mouth ...

- One more word and I'll shave my tail! - Soared hostess. - Good heavens, what a punishment to me ?!

- In fact, for two hundred and thirty gold ...

- For the money I bought rare mounts! Although, something I have not deceived: this rare asshole still try to find! You're two-thirds of the way in my arms Prodromou! What's it called ?!

- Luck? - Oblivious to the furious gleam in the eyes of the mistress, began to wonder puppy. - Luck? Good management of our smaller brethren?

- Yes for this treatment elves have to kiss my feet! They are, I suppose, and the sacred animals do not fumble, as I do with you have to ... However, I am guilty. Should have immediately alerted when you're still in the shop spoke. But I thought, what could this be the problem? And the seller screamed: eating like a puppy, carries like a horse! Yes, he's confused, reptile.

- Okay, the owner does not boil - puppy shook his head again and grew to the size of the year-old bull. - So be it, I'll take a ride today.

Forearm puppy stretched a huge pair of swan wings, contrasting sharply with his dark brown hair. Izvernuvshis, dog ripped from the base of the wing interferes with the pen, spit it on the ground and invitingly waved her head.

- A previously could not do?

- Mistress, I'm quite exhausted ...

- Again? - Without further ado woman grabbed the long hair on the nape puppy jumped for a good five feet and tossed his leg. It was at this point, bargain has decided to once again become a compact model.

- I'm going to kill you now, you vile beast! - Hostess screamed in raskoryachku landed on the ground. From under her backside sticking crawled disheveled puppy barked a few times in the woods.

- Why are you suddenly decided to pretend to be a normal dog? - Did not immediately realize the woman. - Not again robbers? - For the last days it four times across lovers of easy money. But this is the first time her faithful dirty dog behaves in a similar, wrong in his view, way. So, they are lucky to run into witches.

Woman mentally rubbed her greedy handle: a knapsack wizards can always find something interesting. And with its occupation, and even useful.

- Shaitan, be a good boy: take away a minute on the tree above.

- Mistress you when I Shaitan called truly believed that I would be a good boy? - Asked skeptically puppy, stroking decreasing order and has gray wings.

- Right now do not argue!

- Never! - From the heart puppy breath, rising into the sky. And he added. - When it comes to the integrity of my precious skin I - very accommodating.

- Damn the day when I bought you!

Instead of answering the forehead hostess flew pinecone. Glumly knocking shell on the approach, the woman with the most that have gone serene face trodden paths in the woods.

Hey, razboynichki, I'm here! - She cried to herself out loud whistling a merry tune. Bushes cracked exactly on time.

- Where are you, girl, where are red?

- Why red? - Surprised woman turned around and ... red. - Would you put on, or what?

On the robbers were only wide boxers yes two daggers in both hands, if daggers can be attributed to clothing.

Yeah, so not a magician - defined girl. - He would not hand held knives. And it is unlikely this exhibitionist alone are hanging around. We ought to all of his company to collect this clearing ... And then you will have one in the bush catch ...

- Oh, well, why did you embarrass the young innocent girl?

- This is something you're innocent ?! - Man snorted. - To run through the woods in a negligee, and asking me to get dressed. Ha!

- What do you know ?! - Outraged woman, marveling at the audacity of a single individual. - I can! I - fairy!

- That you is what we were looking for! - From behind a breath of cold. Turning sharply, the woman threw out his hand, and made the right decision: trapped, frozen soaring statue in a meter above the ground and slowly moving his gaze from the sorceress a thief, a man stood clearly hooligan species.

- Another nudist pervert ... - at quite a young lad adorned with wide trousers and wide-open vest over his naked body.

- No it is not ... izra Izvara ...

- Pervert - prompted sorceress, looking tenderly at the little girl so sweet fragile appearance that I wanted to dress her in pink platishko and drink tea with cookies.

- You do not need me tea! - Suddenly she whimpered. - I'm not a child!

- What are you ... read my thoughts ?! - Gasped sorceress.

- And we even managed to pass them! - Branches cracked, and the trees seemed to figure someone big, clad in iron and thundering terribly when walking. As a magician managed it no sooner heard, remained a mystery.

- E! And you all who are ?! - Cried out from behind the forgotten robber. Four pairs of eyes stared at him.

- There's more ... - the girl made a thoughtful face, fingering fingers. - ... Thirteen people.

- Well, now they will be half the size! - Menacing armor breathed, reaching over his shoulder dvuruchnik forty kilograms of pure steel.

- Where ?! - Woke up magician. - This is my robbers! I saw them first!

- And we have yet to Karkar hunt!

- Sucks hunting, if only just managed to catch!

- None of your business! - Snapped armor.

- Once a mine! On these paths are not so many thieves to share fair game!

- But we took them an order, - wiping cam cheek, replied the girl. - You still do not get paid.

- But in the pockets they certainly will be found a couple of gold yes.

- Hey! - Shook daggers fair game in a vain attempt to attract attention.

- Then let's be honest: you - the contents of his pockets, we - the very gang.

In the frozen eyes began to slowly increase. Like take concerted decision to break out of their sockets.

- Well, - it is important to witch nodded in a bikini. - I agree.

- A friend of our release.

- Who holds it - relaxed sway - and the guy in the trousers fell to the ground.

- Yes, I told you ... I love you now ... - he began, but the big man in the iron silently put on his shoulder a hefty hand, nodding toward the middle of the road alone zamershego robber. He seems to have realized that the smell of fried, and backed away.

- Lyra, where are the others?

- All around us - immediately replied the girl. - On the tree three on - five. At the farthest five. Among them, one magician.

- Warlock my! - Cried the sorceress, jumped into the air and disappeared. After a moment he heard vague sheburshenie in the branches of the tree and far to the ground one after another fell four half-naked men and one type in long robes magician.

- She said her only a sorcerer! - Offended frowned daveshny prisoner.

- Do not be afraid, Ayaan, - he said wearily bully walked over to the nearest tree, clasped his hands behind thick trunk and twice shook properly. - Here at all enough.

Robbers grab it back in flight, carefully touch each Pudova fist on top and fold on the grass.

- Then there are - my! - Ayaan grinned. His face fell, ears pointed, at the hands were long curved claws, and a werewolf two jumps climbed a tree.

- Help! .. - Desperate cry broke off a resounding crash, and the pile flew four more bodies. They are already busily pawing sorceress.

- And you do not hurt them? - Jump around her little girl.

- No, little - against the will of the woman smiled. - Uncle fast asleep. They are now all in the drum.

- And this is how? - Immediately became interested in Lira.

- Baby, how you managed to stay such a child, earning paths?

- And we rarely take such orders - smiling contentedly, Ayaan put in place their bestial jaw. Sorceress shudder: the spectacle was even then. - In the main cities work or hunt monsters.

- Her and monsters ?! - Gasped sorceress.

- Yes, do not look so - even embarrassed giant, removing the head heavy helmet. He turned out to be a good person with a big rustic nose and slightly slanted eyes. - You have it in the saw. Our baby as ace in the hole hidden away - all fingers are not enough to count. I have, incidentally, Faliro name. We are from the guild Claw of the Dragon.

- Well, I can call Chora - magician threw the palm of a few coins jingling, squeezed them in his hand and winked at Lyra. - Happy to deliver the order.

- Maybe even meet again - waved giant.

- Do not nakarkat - sorceress muttered, almost hiding in the bushes when she caught up with the girl.

- Wait, Choir! - Lira cupped her hands around a long cloak and pulled over. Short yelp, sorceress fell backwards. High boots on a small heel, of course, warmed in particularly rainy days, and to the latex leotard on mago- and physical stability-daduschemu odds Falirovym armor, fits perfectly, but in terms of the usual stability - it was a nightmare.

- What do you want? - Grunting, women's issues.

- From what you have at home?

- And from no.

- You apostate ?! - And many in this matter was awe that Horus smiled:

- No. I volnonaemnitsa. I even have a diploma. But I do not belong to a guild.

- Then come join us! - Lyra's eyes lit up. - Come on! We have plenty of room for all!

- Yes you are, I suppose, not kidding, baby? - Cautiously moved Chora, trying to pull the cloak of girl grasping hands.

- She never jokes - Ayaan gloomy cast.

- But if Lear asks you to join us, it would be worth listening to - thoughtfully put in my two cents worth husky. Choir mentally shook his finger to his temple.

- There was no sadness in the guild to join, - she snorted.

- But for the official orders to pay more.

- But less freedom. Do not, do not go there, there is nothing to catch you, too ... Here's another!

- Chora, you will not regret! - Tearfully continued to persuade the girl until sorceress with a scratch wade to the ladder in tow dragging a stubborn child. - We have the best, most wonderful guild!

- Yes I spit on it like with a high steeple!

- Well, at least until the Albas us off! - Suddenly gave Lear.

- And then you let my cloak?

- If you promise that can not escape!

Damn! - Cursed Chora. - I quite forgot that this small fry - a telepath.

- Okay, I promise not run away - looking up to the sky, strain sorceress.

- And until you reach Albas with us?

- Doydu - has openly hissed Horus. - But then - you do not know me, I do not know you. Truncated?

- Of Course! - Rejoiced girl skipping rushing to the highway. - Our already there!

Sighing heavily, Chora climbed after him. Lear was not mistaken: on the highway waiting for them. Alongside men, shifting from one foot to the other, there were three skinny nag, in several layers loaded robbers. And as soon as the horses were not afraid of the werewolf?

- Yes, I'm the good werewolf in the world! - Fanged smile Ayaan. The nearest horse snorted, got a stick in the face and then subsided.

- I see ... - muttered Chora. - Where are you magician Delhi?

- Somewhere in here lying - running both paws in his arms on the back of the captives Kaur horses, Faliro jerk pulled from the pile of great magician bruising and gagged.

- You have it piled higher - solely from motives of interest suggested Chora. - One never knows, suffocate.

- And it's true - the big man scratched his head, throwing the magician to honor a place in the top tier.

- Well, there you go? - Could not resist Ayaan. - Tired of hanging around in the woods.

- You're a werewolf! - Surprised Chora. - Forest - your native element.

- I - civilized Changeling with a degree in the Graduate School of Witchcraft, among other things, - not without pride, said the boy. - My family for several generations living in Revendeyne.

- Oh! - Choirs face fell. - So you march not only know how to twist the jaw?

- Now you will know that I still can do! - Boy growled and leaned clearly intending to jump. On his back immediately fell armored hand Faliro, werewolf not stay on his feet and crashed nose down.

- This demonstration I will remember for a long time - a magician laughed, looking like a graduate, hissing through clenched teeth, rising to his feet. On the bridge of his nose sported a long scratch, but a second later from her was gone.

- We're not done yet! - Snotty desperately reached out Ayaan. Choir stared up at advanced claws appreciated the elegance of an incomplete transformation, the rate of self, and smiled graciously:

- I'm not going to fight with you, Changeling. I'll put you back in the cage. Do you want to?

Werewolf shook his head, evil eyes flashed, but withdrew his hand. To him immediately jumped up and began to feel Lear in search of damage. The guy squirmed as he could, but fragile fingers child escape was impossible.

- Yes, stop both the same! - Cocked his eyes to heaven, ordered Faliro. Lear with Ayaan immediately split into two panting subject. Girl modestly stared at her shoes, man, on the contrary, began with lighthearted view to look around.

- How do you deal with them? - Defeat Chora.

- Sam sometimes wonder. Well, what are we going?

Sorceress shrugged and even took a few steps before you stop to look at the sky and bellow with laughter:

- Shaitan!

Three satellites together with horses scattered. And from the sky, rustling wings gray, straight into the arms ohnuvshey surprise sorceress fell gray ball.

- I'm here, mistress! - Happily he declared, trying to lick the choir in the nose.

- I see you pakostlivoe creation - she hissed. - Could not close to land as a normal dog?

- I'm still a little! - Brazenly clapped eyes Shaitan and started the old song. - I have sore feet, I got tired wings.

- Lyra, come here, do not worry! - With a gentle grin on his face called sorceress. The girl immediately turned around. - This is - talking dog. Like it?

- Oh, what a sweetie! - Happily screamed child. Puppy yelped also apparently understood what it threatens to be a loving girls legs.

- Please do not give it me, mistress! - Plaintively he whispered in the ear of the sorceress.

- Well, you - almost sympathizing she said. - You've got tired legs and back pain ...

- Do not hurt my back! - Voice puppy erupted hysterical tone.

- Then you definitely have nothing to fear - categorically stated Chora, fetched squirming Shaitan to handle Lear.

- Now we'll swill, comb and feed - excitedly zagaldeli girl puppy's ear.

- And you can start with the latter? - Depicting the dying, whispered doggie.

- Of Course! - Lyra clutched in the arms of a new toy. Sorceress tensed, listening. Do not lost it? Will not this Satan with characteristic imechko how treacherous to fool a child? But then he laughed when he heard the girl sincere response. - Of course you can, my bead. On here, eat an apple!

Otsmeyavshis for fun, Horus threw his hands behind his head and walked briskly down the well-trodden path. Perhaps the journey with this trio was not such a stupid idea?

Chapter 2

A good man will not spoil any power or money. Because a good man will never be neither one nor the other.


No, after all, the idea was bad. This conclusion came sorceress, as soon as the cavalcade left behind a forest and stopped at the first intersection.

- We left! - Joyfully cried the girl, skipping rode him in that same direction. In her hands she still clutched strangled carcass of Satan, and choirs was a big secret, as Lear managed to run under the weight of well-fed puppy.

- No, Lira - Ayaan for clarity threatened finger. - You're going the wrong way.

And Horus was inclined to agree with him - after all, the werewolf was the proud owner of the only card in their team. But here on the side of the girls became Faliro.

- You know, with Leroy better than to argue.

- What do you mean? - Opened her eyes sorceress. - If you want to cross the shallow sea swimming, you follow her?

- Yes, - said simply husky.

- But you drown in their armor - thoughtfully said Shaitan.

- No, not that! - Soared Chora. - I do not know who in your group commander - you or her?

- We do not have a commander - shrugged Faliro. - We are all equal. We are united by trust and understanding.

- And more like what you indulge girl, and she goads you all.

- Hmm ... - Ayaan rubbed his chin. - But something witch law.

- I'm not a witch! - Broke Chora.

- That's what you think! - Snapped a werewolf.

- Now I'll conjure foxtail, you'll know how to contend with the older!

- I do not need a fox, I have a wolf!

- And there will be two!

- Well, then you prove that it is not a witch?

- That's the same crappy boy - Chora muttered, trying to hide a grin. The guy was young, cocky, but in its own kind and honest. This captivating.

- I heard that!

- Well, you flag in hand and a pen in ...

- Do not give me back the pen! - A little too frisky grabbed Ayaan for causal place.

- Oh, you! - Jumped Lear. - It is wrong to Ayaan. He is very susceptible to curses.

- For Real? - With far more interest looked around Chora look stocky figure boy. - I heard that lycanthropy in some ways curse, but did not think that this is indeed the case.

- And this is not so - continues to produce mystery companion Lear. - We just have Ayaan special.

- Yeah, - could not resist Faliro. - To him every plague and stick! He even specifically identified in our group, so I covered it.

- That is, the evil eye on you does not work? - Guessed sorceress.

- Nah - cheerfully replied husky.

- And how, let me know, you hide behind it? As far as I know, the broad back in such cases is useless.

- There is one tool - grinned Faliro. - As I see that it someone suggests damage, immediately give the eye.

- And that helps?

- And then! Corruption, it's only the living sticks. And when a person without feelings, it's kind of like, not quite alive. Here it goes by and.

- Wait a minute - did not understand Chora. - You give someone in the eye?

- And did you know - grimly replied for other Ayaan, so expressively touching the right cheekbone that subsequent issues have disappeared by themselves. Choir laughed:

- And you put up with this ?!

- Have you seen his fists? He also without warning - there is something your notice hop! And I already sedated.

- And you're so often - hop?

- Yes, just try a couple of times a week will.

- Well, you're a man ... - sincerely admired Chora. - If his fists on me a couple of times a week used to go, I would have pushed skates.

- So what am I, a beast of some kind? Oh, sorry, Ayaan did not want to hurt you! I rented gloves.

- And thanks for that! - Sarcastically replied werewolf. The big man shrugged, saying, than the rich. Choir shook her head: that's what it means to serve in the guild. You put in a couple of narrow-friendly with a maniac, and you not only have to put up with it, but also due to case-by-case basis. Kind of like the same for you try. Stay, though crippled, but definitely not spoiled.

- So we go or what? Ayaan, in what direction Albas?

Werewolf glanced first at Faliro, then at the telepath and hopelessly waved

- Go left.

- Are you sure? - An ominous whisper asked again Chora.

- Of course of course! - Zagaldeli Lear, grabbing the witch's hand. - Let'S Go!

Suspecting something was wrong, she frowned, but did not argue: she did not have the card, and this way she still did not get Albas. In truth, her and threw something in the port town just once in a lifetime, five years ago, and then passing through. From the memories were only restless gulls and sharp, slightly bitter smell of the sea.

Choir realized that they were approaching the settlement, when the front zazheltelo rye field. Tight ears immature culture were drawn to the sun, swaying in the wind, and made way for travelers two wide sleeves.

- Ayaan, lend a minute card for a couple of minutes - with a grim smile reached out Chora. From this rye did not smell nor the sea, nor the city. According to the rolled carts road not traveled merchants and low thatched roof house on the horizon inspired by vague doubts about the correctness of the chosen path.

- You know - the werewolf hesitated. - I have it nenashenskaya.

- Nothing - even wider smile sorceress. - I'll deal.

Ayaan shrugged, a little flushed and handed a folded sheet of Chora of cheap yellow paper. With a smile, an executioner, received permission to quartering victim sorceress deployed card.

- What the fuck?

- I warned ... - embarrassed guy.

Choir silently turned Atlas and accusingly poked them into a werewolf. On the canvas was painted by hand a few lines, apparently depicting the road. In some places on the line superimposed crosses. Alas, no inscriptions. A large light-brown stain round, apparently depicting rye.

- No, - even more embarrassed Ayaan. - It's just a trace of dirty glass.

Chorus growled.

- Now you understand why I chose the direction of Lyra? - Winked Faliro, from which the sorceress still twisted:

- You - all three of them - absolutely unhealthy personality!

- But you have no cards at all! - Offended snorted Ayaan, selecting your drawing.

- It feels as if it is you!

- Of course there is! - Now a werewolf cheeks resembled the color of beets. - Here it is! Here are all clearly drawn.

- Then where are we now ?!

- Is There !! - Flinging a piece of the boy confidently pointed to his lower left corner. Choir maliciously grimaced, but then stepped in Lira:

- This village Malirka, near the castle Roccor.

- It's nice to hear that at least one of us has gone astray - sorceress turned to mirotvoritse. - And soon we will come to Albas?

- Of course - joyfully replied the child. - Now only one job in the castle to perform and once - in Albas.

- What is the job? - Shaken Chora.

- Health divorced housewife, - giggled Shaitan. - That is to say, pripahali general business.

- And you, dog, I do castrate!

- There is nothing sacred for you! - Shook his head puppy, but Hoare has turned to the girl:

- You and I agreed to walk together Albas and not perform the job!

- Well, - calmly replied the child. - Then you wait for us here. We quickly ghosts take a look at their four thousand gold and immediately get back.

- What ?! - Gasped Faliro.

- How Much ?! - In the tone he asked again Chora. Girl, innocent eyes popping, handed a scroll. Quickly scanned the text sorceress broke into a dreamy smile. - Let's not waste time. Perhaps even for urgency surcharges.

- Lyra, you still took the job ?! - Yelled Ayaan. - We do not spellcasters spirits. They are my magic does not work!

- And mine too - almost cried Faliro. - Lira, well, let's turn back?

- What do you mean ?! - Sincerely troubled Chora. - For four of them, I ghost in any blot powder!

- And there their whole crypt - hnyknul Ayaan. - A huge cemetery disgruntled relatives!

- Yes, even the entire Terracotta Army of Emperor Katansky! Four thousand gold! .. - Chora sinister chuckle. - However, you can stay here. I just completing quests, collect their reward and immediately return.

- You are not a member of a guild. You do not have the appropriate label - with feigned regret on the muzzle said Lyra. - However, you can come to the castle volnonaemnitsey. I think the owner will not give up your services.

- And pay five times less? Well, it's not! You go with me!

- Then and award divide equally.

- Like hell! - Snapped Horus. - From you no good. Only and can that waving fists!

- But our job is something - gently reminded Faliro, quietly wondering where tends telepath.

- And you'll be without me to do with it?

The response of the big man has not been found, and so it stood, biting his lip thoughtfully. Ayaan turned away - his eyes were hoped to bypass the lock tenth road. But Lyra smiled, as if she knew the outcome in advance. Choir figured in mind the amount of potential revenue, sighed and surrendered:

- Eighty-twenty.

- Sixty to forty - cut Malyavka.

- Yes you can marauder daughter! - Chora recoiled in mock horror. But, in truth, business acumen she liked girls. Because some more posoprotivlyayutsya for decency and knocking yourself an extra five percent, Chora agreed.

Castle met command raised bridge and sullen silence.

- It seems that we are not welcome here - muttered Shaitan.

- Now find out! - Without thinking twice climbed telepath, stood on tiptoe and bad voice shouted: - Hey, you lazy and blockheads, you came to the house representatives Claw of the Dragon! Open the gates!

Instead of answering with a castle wall fell down arrow and stuck into the ground at the feet of tochnehonko pale girl.

- Do you know how to make friends - whistled Chora. - Let me try now. Hey you! Freaks and muddle! Open the gates, or later on you our chain wolfhound! Ayaan, ogryznis!

At this time, the walls of the castle fell a shower of arrows, and the travelers had barely hide behind the nearest tree.

- What is it with them? - Surprised Chora. Faliro gave her a threatening look that backed witch. - Come on! I bet they now gather the troops and rushed to kill us?

- Bullied ?!

- So after the bridge will lower! While you will deal with the army, I have to make your way to the owner.

- You know what ... - began an amateur armor, but at this point there was a deafening creak, crackle and then simply hit huge bridge across the water-filled moat. The gate swung open slowly forged fence, even as it rose up impressively.

- Mrs. sorceress? - Timidly called chubby little man in a rich, although the order of ragged dress. Choir cautiously peered from behind a tree.

- What do you want, filthy peasant?

- And you really from the guild?

- True, true! - Lyra leaned forward, but the sorceress caught her by the shoulder and handed it back to a tree:

- And you really pay four thousand gold for killing ghosts in the castle?

- Oh! So the gods answered my prayers? - Cried the man, falling on his knees and frantically from pulling your hair. Apparently, happiness.

- At the expense of the Gods do not know - strode briskly to him Horus. - But we responded. The Climb!

The man jumped like a scalded cat.

- I beg you, come to the castle - he fidgeted. - We have not chayali someone wait. No guild has taken on this task!

Ayaan gulped and stepped back.

- Do not be afraid of it! - Immediately responded fat man. - Ghosts of the night to completely tame ...

Choir first entered the gate and looked at a small courtyard of the castle. From the walls of her affably waved crossbows whiskered warriors. Good fairy said they wish to sink to hell. There was a roar. Just held under the raised grate barely had time to jump Ayaan when hefty breakaway boulder slammed into the ground. On the wall went crack, and warriors rushed screaming in all directions.

- Well, it is necessary - hemmed Chora. - And you really curse, as the two fingers on the asphalt.

- Come on you in the f * such experiments! - Exploded Ayaan, for which he immediately shlopotal cuff from Faliro:

- Watch your language!

- Severely you with him - shook her head Chora, looking like the guy's eyes converge on the bridge.

- And you too! - Faliro barked in a tone that almost fairy on the roof not jumped. - Think about what trepleshsya!

- And what they have arrows bullet? - Unexpectedly intervened Lear.

- Work at them like that!

- Oh, no need to be nervous - worried owner of the castle, seeing that passions run high. - Please, let's go inside. Before sunset there is still time to rest.

- Uncle, we want to eat - a weak voice said Ayaan, prudently covering his head with his hands. But this time only Faliro