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Nightmare on Behalf of Chora

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Once in the forest witch met magicians. - Would you give go? - Politely asked the witch. - And if you do not go with us? - Happily bared magicians. That's how the journey began Choirs. Of course, she was terribly unhappy, hissing and cursing to get away and hid ... Because I do not know Chora that only at the end of the path chosen for her seeing it will be able to find long-awaited happiness.

- Remember! If ever in your way will fall woman with white hair, impish grin on her face and ... sorry, a bathing suit on a naked body - you know: You met with Hora. Excessive greed, wickedness, and unwillingness to obey the fundamental laws of the Guilds - these are the characteristic features of this enchantress. Communicate with Hora undesirable quarrel - strictly prohibited. The best response to her appearance at the moment is considered an escape ...
- Excuse me, teacher - raised his hand in the first row of young light blond guy. - But if the magician Heru - a kind of unwanted subject of the wizarding world, then why the Guild so eager to get her into their ranks?

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