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Divine Whispers: In Conversation With The Self

Divine Whispers: In Conversation With The Self

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Divine Whispers: In Conversation With The Self

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Feb 20, 2015


Divinity always whispers its secrets to us. We just need to be aware enough to become receptive to them.
This book is s soulful prayer to the creator. It helps us not only to realize the blessings that have been showered on us, but also exposes us to our weakness thereby bringing us closer to ourselves. The author charters the unfamiliar territory with amazing simplicity and uniqueness.
Feb 20, 2015

Sobre el autor

Vijay Singal, IRS Officer, is a leading author on spirituality. Widely travelled in India and abroad Vijay Singal is a keen observer of human nature, behaviour and the complex intermingling maze of human relationships.

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Divine Whispers - Vijay Singal

Prayer does not necessarily lessen the pain;

it, however, certainly eliminates the fear of the same.


4779/23, Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi-110002

Ph: 23247966/67/68

© 2007, Vijay Singal

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted by any means — electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise — without the prior permission of the author and publisher.

ISBN: 81-8328-264-2

Published by Shobit Arya for Wisdom Tree; edited by Manju Gupta;

designed by Kamal P. Jammual; typeset at Marks & Strokes, New

Delhi-110002 and printed at Print Perfect, New Delhi-110064


This book, in the form of a prayer to the Supreme Authority of the Universe, is an attempt to examine different aspects of human nature and behaviour. Strengths and weaknesses of human mind have also been touched upon. It is, in fact, a song sung by a naïve devotee of the Lord, an ode addressed to Him, seeking His blessings for the well-being of mankind. It can also be described as a feeble cry of a tender heart which has seen, in his day-to-day life, extremes of injustice, inequality and unnecessary violence. It also dwells upon the excessive stresses and strains generated by modern living. Contemporary concerns, constraints and compliments have also been touched upon.

A sincere effort has been made to reach out to the Emperor of the Cosmic Cycle. The intention is not to pray for some instant gain or for personal prosperity. Instead, the Lord of Creation has been beseeched for all-round spread of knowledge and overall enhancement of awareness. He has been beseeched for granting universal peace and widespread progress. A prayer is made to the Lord to let a universally acceptable value system evolve — one which everyone is able to follow.

Depending upon the circumstances, I have conversed with the Master in my capacity as an individual, as society at large and also as mankind, but beyond the shackles of race, religion, nationality, sex or any other sectarian interest. I have also addressed Him variously as a body, a mind and pure consciousness. At some places, the

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