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Chapter 1

Prince Jasim bin Hamid al-Rais frowned as advisor reported that his wife waiting for her brother.

- You should immediately inform me of the arrival of the princess. Family is always for me in the first place - he chastised slave.

Jasim gained popularity in financial circles as a man of action, clever and shrewd strategist, bringing considerable profit Empire Rais, and the staff is very respected by its Chairman of the Board of Directors. He was the head of a strict and recognized only the highest grade. His innate art of survival to hone the razor sharpness in difficult family debacles and palace intrigues. A tall, well-built man in his early thirties, he had that amazing eastern beauty and masculine charm, to whom could not resist any woman.

According to the circular, rather unpretentious little face of his daughter-French Yamin was obvious that she could hardly contain emotions. Jasim warmly welcomed this little brunette middle age. Hosting Yamin, Jasim forced to languish in anticipation of a member of the government, but by word or gesture is not even hinted lady on employment. On the contrary, commanded to bring snacks and invited her to sit down.

- Are you comfortable in Woodrow Court?

His older brother, Crown Prince Murad, temporarily lived with his family in a country house in Kent Jasim, while building their own English villa.

- Oh yeah! The house is wonderful, and we are well taken care of, - hastened to assure him Yamin. - But we were not going to expel you from your homes, Jasim! Will you come this weekend?

- Of course, if you want it, but believe me, I'm quite comfortable in the townhouse. Live in the city - it is not a sacrifice, - said Jasim. - But you're not out of it came, right? It looks like you have a concern.

Yamina pursed her lips, anxious brown eyes suddenly filled with tears. She was confused and muttered an apology, took a handkerchief and dabbed at her eyes.

- I should not bore you with my problems, Jasim ...

Wanting to create a more relaxed atmosphere, Jasim sat across from her on the sofa.

- You've never bothered me - he said. - Why all the excitement?

Yamin took a deep breath.

- It's ... it's all our nanny - a tragic tone she declared.

Jasim raised his eyebrows.

- If my employees hired babysitter you do not like, fired her.

- Oh, if only it were that simple ... - Yamina sighed, downcast eyes and nervously twisting a handkerchief. - She's a wonderful nurse and Zahra adores her. I am afraid that the problem is ... Murad.

Jasim alert, but not a muscle moved on his face. Self-control and endurance never refused him. His brother was and remained a ladies' man, which is why more than once got into trouble. Such weakness is fatal for the future ruler of this small oil-rich and very conservative country like Kwara. If Murad had his eye on one of the maids right under the nose of his faithful and loving wife, it is inexcusable meanness.

- I can not fire her. Murad out of myself, dare I interfere. As I understand it, it is just a flirt, but she is very beautiful, Jasim - a trembling voice said daughter. - If it ceases to work for us, their relationship probably develop into something more, and you know, Murad simply can not afford another scandal.

- I agree. King patience ran out. - Jasim lips thinned. Will the poor father's heart another public scandal and lewd endless rumors about his first-born, that is the question. To learn whether his older brother ever restrain his unbridled nature, whether he will sound thinking? Why can not he put the needs of the family above all else? This man can not resist the temptation, and Jasim feels responsible for it. In the end, it was his people have taken to the house of the damn nurse! Why it did not occur to veto the recruitment of young beautiful woman?

- Will you help me, Jasim? - Anxiously looked at his wife's brother.

Jasim looked away:

- Murad does not take away from me advice.

- He's too stubborn to take someone else's advice, and yet you can help me - replied Yamin.

Jasim frowned. He believed that the daughter overestimate his influence on his brother. More than fifty years in the role of heir Kvarama not been for Murad gift - he imagines himself enormously important person. Despite the love of his older brother, Jasim knew - Murad always do as he wants, even if it is necessary to go over the heads of others.

- And how can I help you?

Yamina bit her lower lip.

- If you are ready to prove himself an interest in it, the problem will disappear - with unexpected enthusiasm she said. - You are young and free, and Murad - getting on in years and is married, and she definitely turn its attention to you instead of ...

In black eyes Jasim appeared icy sheen.

- Yamina, I pray thee, be sensible ... - he called his daughter, but Yamin was not so easy to knock off the course.

- I am sensible. Moreover, if Murad think that you show interest to a girl, he'll back down - she said stubbornly. - It is often said, as he wants you to meet the right woman ...

- But not the one he chose for me - dry threw Jasim.

- No, you're wrong. Since that ill-fated story of an Englishwoman, which happened a few years ago, Murad sincerely care about what you did not marry. He just told me yesterday about this, and if you believe in your sympathy for Elinor Tempest, immediately leave her alone! - With a desperate fervor tried to tell him Yamin, trying to enlist the support of brother-.

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