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To Heaven by Water: A Novel

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To Heaven by Water: A Novel

Calificar: 3 de 5 estrellas3/5 (28 calificaciones)
Longitud: 320 página7 horas


In this thoughtful novel, a circle of friends and loved ones are attempting to face down their personal troubles: a deceased wife, a callous lover, an affair with a young colleague. As they stumble through the events of their own lives, they turn to one another for advice and compassion, and, occasionally, to cause more trouble. All three romances are faced with serious decisions--how to go escape their shortcomings and demons, how to move ahead, how to survive the decisions they make.

In the hands of the prodigiously talented Cartwright, the lives of this rich, memorable characters feel authentic, yet buoyed by meaning and possibility.

From a piercingly intelligent, prizewinning novelist comes a book about our daily longings, struggles, and the enduring power of human relationships.

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