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Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu

Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu

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Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu

4/5 (3 valoraciones)
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Jan 17, 2011


In this sixth installment in the Just Grace series, Grace and Mimi have a secret . . . Mimi is going to be a big sister. Then when Lily, a visiting four year old, turns into the Terrible Tutu, Grace can't escape her, and Mimi can't wait to be with her. Using all her empathy powers Grace shows Lily and Mimi the creative path towards a new friendship.

Jan 17, 2011

Sobre el autor

Charise Mericle Harper is the author of the Just Grace and Fashion Kitty series and picture books such as Cupcake, Mimi and Lulu, and If Waffles Were Like Boys. She lives with her family in Westchester, New York.

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Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu - Charise Mericle Harper


All rights reserved. For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book, write to Permissions, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 215 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10003.

Originally published in hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.


The illustrations are pen-and-ink drawings digitally colored in Photoshop.

The Library of Congress has cataloged the print edition as follows:

Harper, Charise Mericle.

Just Grace and the Terrible Tutu / written and illustrated

by Charise Mericle Harper.

p. cm.

Summary: Eight-year-old Grace is excited to learn that her best friend, Mimi, is going to become an older sister, but when both try to be mother’s helpers for a family renting a house on their street, little Lily likes Grace best, causing Mimi to doubt herself and Grace to form a plan to fix things.

[1. Interpersonal relations—Fiction. 2. Self-confidence—Fiction. 3. Best friends—Fiction. 4. Friendship—Fiction. 5. Sisters—Fiction.] I. Title.

PZ7.H231323Juj 2011



ISBN 978-0-547-15224-0 hardcover

ISBN 978-0-547-72227-6 paperback

eISBN 978-0-547-50493-3


A special thank-you to Leah and her mom!


Best friends can be full of surprises. I already knew that, but sometimes even knowing something doesn’t mean it still can’t surprise you when it happens. That’s why I was 100 percent surprised when Mimi said she had been keeping a secret from me and wanted me to read a special letter. Even though I had to go to the bathroom I sat right down with the letter. Some things can be more important than nature—plus I’m kind of an expert at holding it.

Dear New Sister,

I can hardly wait to meet you. I am so, so, so, so excited! Mom and Dad said I had to not tell anyone about you but my brain was about to explode so they finally said I could tell Grace. Yay! But she has to promise to not tell the world—which of course she can do, because she is a good secret keeper.

Grace is my best friend in the whole world, and guess what? She lives right next door, so when you get here you can see her every day just like I do. You have to call her Grace, though, and not Just Grace like they do at school. They only do that because when Miss Lois, our teacher, was naming the four Graces in the class, she got confused and named Grace that by accident.

Grace is great—for sure you are going to like her. Mom and Dad are pretty nice too. They sometimes have rules but I am sure you will get used to them and not mind so much. Mom is really good at reading bedtime stories and Dad is an expert swimmer. When you get old enough you can hold on to his back and he will dive up and down like a dolphin. It’s really fun, but first you will have to know how to hold your breath and blow bubbles. You might have to get some lessons for that.

Mom said I get to pick out some fun stuff for your room. I can’t wait to make it super cute for you.

There are some boys, Max and Sammy, that live near here too, but you don’t have to play with them if you don’t want to.

Lots of love,

Your new big sister,



P. S. The boys don’t live in our house, but you might see them in the yard sometimes.


Mimi! What? You’re getting a sister! OMG. I can’t believe it! I had to whisper the OMG part because Dad says I’m not allowed to say that anymore. It’s on his list of improper English-language words. I tried to complain to Mom, but she just said, That’s what happens when you have a dad who studied English in school. Plus it means he cares about you and how you sound. Maybe, but mostly I think he just likes making up rules.

I had a million and one questions for Mimi. Is your mom pregnant? How come she doesn’t look fat? How do you know it’s going to be a sister? When is she coming? Do you get to pick out her name? Can I help decorate the room? Wow! I flopped myself back on the bed and rested for a second. Not knowing stuff and being full of questions can really be tiring.

Mimi was excited to tell me everything. She said her mom wasn’t fat because she wasn’t pregnant. And instead of her mom getting pregnant and having a baby, her family was going to adopt one. The only thing she wasn’t sure about was if the new sister was going to be a baby or one who could walk already. But whatever the sister was, Mimi said she was sure she would be little, sweet, and super cute. And she was 100 percent excited about it.

I got right to work thinking of some really good girl names, but Mimi said the little sister might come with a name already. Mimi’s mom had already made some rules about the name. If the sister was two or three, they had to keep the name she came with. Mimi said they were only going to change it if the sister was still a baby.

Wow, Mimi! I had to say wow again, because stuff like a new sister does not happen very often in a life. I know, said Mimi, and then while she waited lying on my bed, I ran to the bathroom.


Mimi said she could hardly wait to get her new sister, and that the waiting part was taking forever. When do you get her? I

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  • (4/5)
    I was so glad when I found out that Net Galley offered this entertaining book for review. Although I just read the first two book of Just Grace Series, I still can keep up with all the rest of the story. Although there was one character whose story that I completely forgot, I did not get lost. I still enjoyed what Grace told in every chapter.This is the sixth book. I thought I would see a grown up Grace. Unfortunately, I found there was nothing new from Grace. She still could not take "Just Grace" as her nick name at school. Great empathy power was something that she proud of. Her superhero breakfast, french toast, did not change at all. But it was not tedious to read all those stuff above. Grace and her words have hooked me since I read the first book. Besides Grace has many new things to tell.Something interesting in this book is the appearance of Lily, a four years old - little girl with colorful tutu. For me, she was so cute. But for Grace, Lily was trouble. She even called her terrible tutu. Grace almost gave up. Moreover, when she found out that Lily could not make a friend with Mimi. Undeniable, dealing with a girl like Lily was exhausting. I could not stop giggling when I read about all time that they spent together. Lily was absolutely one of my favorite girls in this installment.Another great character from this quick read book was Mimi, Grace's best friend. That sibling adoption things made her over-excited. Most of her idea, plan even fear about "big sister" were totally hilarious.The illustration on this book was another thing that also does not change. It is still nice to see it.I hope Atria, local publisher, will publish the next series. Since they have brought out the first and the second book.CoverAlthough I am not a big fan of pink, I think the chapters were representative in the cover. Read this book so you will get what I mean.
  • (4/5)
    Grace and her best friend Mimi are excited that Mimi's family will soon be adopting a little girl. While Mimi's family deals with the red tape involved, Grace and Mimi score a job as mother's helpers for a 4-year-old tutu-loving Lily and are thrilled to be getting some advance experience for dealing with litter girls. Unfortunately, thing get rocky when Lily wants nothing to do with Mimi and Mimi is afraid she'll be a failure as a big sister. Luckily, Grace comes up with a plan . . . This is my first time reading a Just Grace book. The characters were fun and the style very cute. Girls 5 - 8 year old girls will enjoy this series.
  • (4/5)
    A very funny and girly story that will have you twirling with or without a tutu. My daughter really liked the small illustrations which added extra fun. We are now fans of Grace and look forward to reading another one of her adventures.