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Practice Your Spanish!

Reading and translation practice for people learning Spanish


Bilingual version, Spanish-English

Book 1

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1.1 Sentences: reading

1.2 Sentences: translating

1.3 Dialogues

1.4 Sentences: reading

1.5 Sentences: translating

1.6 Short texts

1.7 Sentences: reading

1.8 Sentences: translating

1.9 Long text


2.1 Sentences: reading

2.2 Sentences: translating

2.3 Dialogues

2.4 Sentences: reading

2.5 Sentences: translating

2.6 Short texts

2.7 Sentences: reading

2.8 Sentences: translating

2.9 Long text


3.1 Sentences: reading

3.2 Sentences: translating

3.3 Dialogues

3.4 Sentences: reading

3.5 Sentences: translating

3.6 Short texts

3.7 Sentences: reading

3.8 Sentences: translating

3.9 Long text


4.1 Sentences: reading

4.2 Sentences: translating

4.3 Dialogues

4.4 Sentences: reading

4.5 Sentences: translating

4.6 Short texts

4.7 Sentences: reading

4.8 Sentences: translating

4.9 Long text


5.1 Sentences: reading

5.2 Sentences: translating

5.3 Dialogues

5.4 Sentences: reading

5.5 Sentences: translating

5.6 Short texts

5.7 Sentences: reading

5.8 Sentences: translating

5.9 Long text


This book is not for beginners. It is for anyone learning Spanish or who wants to improve their Spanish language skills. The idea is simple: lots of bilingual texts (Spanish-English) to practice reading comprehension, plus exercises to translate single sentences from English into Spanish.

Everything is in Spanish and English, so exercises are useful to readers of different levels of ability in Spanish. However, the book is aimed primarily at high school and college students of Spanish, or anyone else who has already acquired a working knowledge of the language.

There are five units in the book, each one offering a mixture of single sentences and longer texts. Every example of Spanish is followed (usually on the next page) by a translation into English. This allows readers to ‘click’ through as much material as they want, even if it’s just a sentence of two at a time.

This book is not a textbook and contains no grammar exercises! It is an additional resource to help learners of Spanish improve their language skills. However, the texts themselves contain a wide variety of grammatical structures, tenses, and set expressions in Spanish. The vocabulary is also rich and varied. But don’t worry if you don’t understand everything--a full translation into English is just one click away!

A note on the translations: we have tried to provide useful, straightforward translations of all material in this book. But remember that there are potentially many ways of translating any sentence.

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1.1 Sentences: reading

In this section you will be presented with one Spanish sentence at a time. Try to understand the sentence, then click to the next page, where you will find an English translation. There are 25 sentences.

¿Te importa revisar este documento?

Do you mind having a look at this document?

Básicamente todo se reduce a una cuestión de lo correcto e incorrecto.

Basically it comes down to a question of right and wrong.

Él hackeó el sistema y la policía lo detuvo.

He hacked into the system and was arrested by the police.

Quiero ocuparme de los preparativos yo mismo.

I want to see to the preparations myself.

El médico te examinará la lesión ahora.

The doctor will examine your injury now.

Ella va a sobrevivir, dijo el médico.

She’s going to survive / pull through, the doctor said.

La imagen de la televisión se está fragmentando. ¡No veo nada!

The TV picture is breaking up. I can’t see a thing!

Ella dijo que nos verá.

She said she’d see us around.

Siempre mira hacia adelante cuando estás dirigiendo el barco.

Always look ahead when you’re steering the boat.

El lugar siempre está reservado con mucha antelación, ¡así que haz tu reserva ahora!

The place is always booked up well in advance, so make a reservation now!

Creo que debemos implantar un gerente nuevo.

I think we should introduce a new manager.

Estos mensajes de error surgen mucho en este ordenador.

Those error messages crop up a lot on this computer.

Hay tanto trabajo que hacer en el jardín; siempre parece que estoy retrasado.

There’s so much work to do in the garden; I always seem to be behind.

Una vez yo estaba metido en un lío financiero, y Bob me ayudó a solucionarlo. Él siempre hace lo necesario cuando hay un problema.

I found myself in a financial mess once, and Bob helped me to solve it. He always comes through when there’s a problem.

La carta vieja es buena, pero el nuevo cocinero quiere introducir algunos cambios.

The old menu is good but the new chef wants to bring in some changes.

Ellos se dejaron llevar y llegaron a casa muy tarde.

They got carried away and came home very late.

dejarse llevar = to get carried away

No pospongas un trabajo como ese.

Don’t put off a job like that.

Dicen que es inteligente, pero a mí siempre me parece un poco payaso.

They say he’s smart, but to me he always seems / comes across as a bit of a clown.

En política internacional, romper las relaciones diplomáticas con otro país es el último recurso.

In international politics, to break off diplomatic relations with another country is the last resort.

Todavía están tratando de localizar a la niña desaparecida.

They are still trying to locate the missing girl.

Me quedé absorto por la noticia, ¡y entonces me di cuenta de lo afortunados que habíamos sido!

I let the news sink in, then I realised how lucky we’d been!

¡Esos viejos discos de vinilo tienen mucha historia!

Those old vinyl records go back a long way!

Cuando Manchester United marcó el tercer gol, el entrenador del City se dio la vuelta disgustado.

When Manchester United scored the third goal, City’s manager turned away in disgust.

Le ocultamos la verdad hasta que tuvo edad suficiente para entenderla.

We kept the truth from him until he was old enough to understand it.

Empezamos con la actitud adecuada, pero las cosas simplemente salieron mal.

We started with the right attitude, but things just went wrong.

1.2 Sentences: translating

In this section you will be presented with one short English sentence at a time. Try to think how you would translate it into Spanish, then click to the next page to read a Spanish translation. There are 12 sentences.

Write me a cheque, please.

Escríbeme un cheque, por favor.

I’d love to have them over for lunch.

Me encantaría invitarles a comer.

You can pull in here, there’s space to park.

Puedes parar aquí, hay espacio para aparcar.

Finish your beer. We’re going!

Acaba tu cerveza. ¡Nos vamos!

They ran off 200 copies of the report.

Hicieron 200 ejemplares del informe.

I’d love to return to Brazil.

Me encantaría volver a Brasil.

The news passed me by completely.

La noticia se me pasó por completo.

We pulled off the cover, and underneath was a beautiful old chaise-longue!

Sacamos la cubierta, ¡y debajo había una hermosa y antigua chaise-longue!

She won’t stop talking. Tell her to shut up!

Ella no deja de