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Have you ever asked yourself "What's really going on?" after watching a news story? 

Maybe you have wondered, "What is the government REALLY doing?" 
Perhaps you've caught a slip of something an "official" shouldn't have said and wanted to know the other side of the story. 

Conspiracy Theory 101 explores some of these situations. When the government is silent, theories fill the space in a genuine effort to see the big picture. 

Sometimes those theories become fact when whistleblowers talk or years later when the documents are declassified.

Conspiracy Theory 101 explores common conspiracy theories starting out with the JFK assassination and September 11th. (and more...see Table of Content below) Then it shows you theories that became fact like MK Ultra, the Tuskegee Experiment, and Human Testing. 

If you want more, Conspiracy Theory 101 will take you ever deeper by covering Population Control, Agenda 21, and the Georgia Guidestones. 

After that, Conspiracy Theory 101 will take you for a ride on the crazy train. Don't worry, you can get off before the wreck. 

Included in this book is your jump start to researching on your own. Put your investigative skills to work and join the vibrant community of truth-seekers. The Chapter of Research and Reference material is worth the 99 cents by itself. 

9 Chapters
2 Appendices
Countless Links
Access to Official Documents


Conspiracy Theory 101 is for the new or seasoned researcher. If you're already a hardcore conspiracy theory researcher, you're going to see a lot of familiar topics here. However, you might see some you've never heard of or learn new information about ones you have studied before. Even if all the topics are old news, the Research and Reference Materials are worth your time. 

Conspiracy Theory 101 touches briefly on various topics and then gives a spring board to continue your research. 


Chapter 1: Conspiracy 101 
JFK Assassination 
September 11, 2001 
Roswell and UFO’s 
Chapter 2: Some Harsh Facts 
MK Ultra 
Operation Northwoods 
Human Experiments and Biological Weapons Testing 
Chapter 3: The Problem with Conspiracies 
Government Transparency 
The Media 
The Players 
Chapter 4: A Losing Game 
Chapter 5: Is Everything a Conspiracy Theory? 
Chapter 6: Going Deeper 
Population Control 
Agenda 21 
Georgia Guidestones 
Chapter 7: Waking the Masses 
Chapter 8: This is Where it Gets CRAZY 
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 
Brice Taylor a.k.a. Susan Ford 
Ted Gunderson 
The Moon Hoax 
Chapter 9: Further Reading and Research 
Some Favorite Threads from 
Suggested Search Topics 
Appendix 1: Links in Order of Appearance 
Appendix 2: Reference Materials 
My Personal Views on Conspiracy Theories 
The Beginning 
Enter the Illuminati 
The Elites, Secret Societies and Lucifer 
My View on Conspiracies 
The Historic vs. Scientific View 
A Rough View of the Big Picture ... 

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