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The Present Future

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The Present Future

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Dez Gemini is a Null Agent, it is his job to protect Milos City. The concept of what he does is simple, if the future of the city is threatened, Dez eliminates those threats to ensure that today has a tomorrow.
How he does this job is not so simple; Dez Gemini is a time traveler.
Guided by his mysterious benefactors, Dez lives an unassuming life as a travel writer in a socially detached, technology-befogged world that he is seemingly unable to identify with. He longs for actual human contact and interaction over the advantages offered by compu-chines, auto-chines and auto-tendants. He has disdain for the increasingly non-humanistic nature of this world, but, as a Null Agent, he is bound to it.
When the reality of his job as a time traveling protector unexpectedly lands on his front door, Null Agent Dez Gemini has a choice to make. And what he decides will determine not only his own, but also the future of his world.
It is about time, for THE PRESENT FUTURE.

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