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Building Reputations in Tough Organisations

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Building Reputations in Tough Organisations

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The fallacy of life in large organisations being a meritocracy is pervasive. It simply doesn't work like that. People doing great work, delivering stunning results, are essential for the success of their organisations. Yet, all too often, they get passed over for promotion. Exciting new projects get handed to other people. Other people with the reputation that's needed.
At the opposite extreme, you have a practice of self-promotion. People who do this at the extreme have been able to get promoted way beyond their capability — often to the detriment of long-term organisational success. They move fast and attempt to build their track-record on the backs of the former group, the hard workers trying to do a great job. However, the effectiveness of excessive self-promotion is beginning to wane.
Between the two extremes is a fertile zone of prudent reputation building, which is where this book makes its contribution. In combination, the articles you will find here will provoke your thinking and help you to find a palatable way to self-promote and build your reputation. It will not turn you into a braggart, losing friends and spoiling relationships. What it will do is show you how you can begin to make a far greater impact within your organisation, group or arena.
Topics include:
Defining Your Distinction * Understanding Your Reputational Context
Tools of the Trade * Building Visibility and Promoting Your Reputation
Making Sense of Political Upheaval * Ruffling Feathers and Due Diligence
A Healthy Dose of Obsession * Attracting Sponsors and Advocates
In addition to these articles, and many more orientated towards building reputations in complex organisations, the book also includes a large number of related articles. Many of these are drawn from the premium access area of the Influence Blog. In combination, they will help you to make clear decisions and develop your influence quickly.
All told, the book contains over 70 stimulating and practical articles to help you to build your reputation in a tough organisation.
This is not a book about personal branding. This is a book about building your reputation in really challenging environments, thriving and having fun.

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