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Your Dream Life: Positive Affirmations for Happiness

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It takes courage to go after the life you know you deserve, and that can be even harder to do while struggling through everyday life. Many people give up and settle for less-than-satisfying lifestyles, convincing themselves there is no other alternative.

Those who understand or are learning about the law of attraction know better than to give up. Changing your thinking will change your actions, and then – your life. It all starts with your thoughts.

These affirmations will reshape your thinking patterns to reflect a more desirable outlook on life, helping you to break the cycle of negative thinking and finally achieve your dream life.

Who is the author, Anandra Rose?

Anandra Rose is a pseudonym for dozens of anonymous writers coming together to share their wisdom, positive thoughts and great writing with you. Anandra represents the wise, peaceful and centered person we all have within us. Through this collective style of writing, Anandra comes to life to remind us we are all divine and blessed individuals.

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