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It’s easy to go through life staying within your comfort zone. However, people that have attained great success know the value of taking risks and having a winner mentality. Your perspective creates your reality and seals your fate. If you allow yourself to drown in negative thoughts, the life you truly were meant to live will always be just outside of your reach.

It takes courage and a willingness to change to transform your mentality and finally live your dream life. These affirmations will help you get over the common trappings of a negative attitude. This guide will help you reshape your neural pathways and make positive thinking a habit.

Who is the author, Anandra Rose?

Anandra Rose is a pseudonym for dozens of anonymous writers coming together to share their wisdom, positive thoughts and great writing with you. Anandra represents the wise, peaceful and centered person we all have within us. Through this collective style of writing, Anandra comes to life to remind us we are all divine and blessed individuals.

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