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The Secluded Worshipper: The Life, Ministry, And Glorification Of The Prophetess Anna

The Secluded Worshipper: The Life, Ministry, And Glorification Of The Prophetess Anna

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The Secluded Worshipper: The Life, Ministry, And Glorification Of The Prophetess Anna

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Aug 6, 2014


This book, by Z.T. Fomum, highlights one of the Biblical models that made God her Eternal Bliss.

Anna the prophetess, after having known gratification from natural pleasures and desires, chose neither withdrawal, seclusion, the temple, nor a life of prayer and fasting. Instead, she chose God! God was her only choice. Living in total seclusion, she happily accepted everything that accompanied her only choice. She withdrew in an attempt to give Him endless praise night and day without distraction, from a life of worship.

This book is a cry from the heart of the author to raise in our generation many "Annas", lovers serving out of love and not servants who will do many things for Him out of duty.

Read this book and get yourself enlisted into the army of secluded worshippers.

Aug 6, 2014

Sobre el autor

ZACHARIAS TANEE FOMUM (ZTF) is the best-selling author of more than 200 books with over 5 million copies in circulation in print, eBook and audiobook formats. He founded Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI), a missionary and church planting movement with thousands of Churches in more than 80 nations on all the continents.Prof. Fomum was also a Professor of Organic Chemistry with more than 160 publications in leading international journals. In 2005, his published scientific work was evaluated and found to be of high distinction, earning him the award of a Doctor of Science degree from the University of Durham, Great Britain.Prof. Fomum was married to Prisca and their seven children are actively involved with missionary and church planting work across the globe.His books and the millions of people he influenced in more than 40 years of Christian Ministry continue to impact the world with the Gospel today! Get to know him From His Own Very Lips: https://books2read.com/b/From-His-LipsSign up for my mailing list to be notified of new releases, free e-book giveaways and more at https://ztfbooks.com/ztfbooks-mailing-list

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The Secluded Worshipper - Zacharias Tanee Fomum



The Author’s Prayer For Himself And For The Book

Lord, thank You for the life that the prophetess Anna lived.

Lord, receive honour for working out such high spirituality in a mortal.

Lord, thank You that You did not keep it all for Yourself but opted to share it with us in Your Word.

Lord, thank You for the encouragement that her life, ministry and glorification bring to me - that if I will only yield myself more fully to You, You can in our day work out the same in my life.

Lord, thank You for the encouragement that her life, ministry and glorification bring to me - that You can, You will in our day, raise many saints of unusual dedication and work out this same quality of spirituality in their lives for the glory of the Lamb.

Lord, thank You for the work You have done in me to take away most of the natural desires that characterized my life as an unbeliever and as a young believer.

Lord, as I have told You again this week, there is only one natural desire left in my life. Lord, it has persisted and I do not know if it is persisting because I am clinging to it or it is clinging because You have kept it there so that You may satisfy it. Lord, I offer it afresh to You. If You do not intend to satisfy it, if You will not be exalted in its being fulfilled, take it away now, O Lord.

Lord, I give You my heart. Own it and never allow it to have any room for any natural desires any more.

Lord, You can bless me in the natural realm since I continue to have a spirit, a soul and a body, but I pray, Lord, that I should not desire any fulfilment in the natural. Lord, grant that all my being be bent, bent in such a way that it cannot be straightened out, in the direction of spiritual desire.

Lord, grant that the salvation of my soul, will, mind and emotions be perfected.

Lord, I know spiritual desire and that desire is twofold: It is to know You, to love You and to live in Your presence and minister unto You. It is also to labour to ensure that all over the world, one billion people come to Your Exalted Son and render total obedience to Him in all things. Lord, as far as I know myself, the ratio of my desire to love You and to labour for You is 1:4. Lord, with that ratio, I am a servant who loves and not a lover who serves. Lord, I do not want to be the servant who loves. I want to be the lover who serves. I want to find all my joy and all my fulfilment in being at Your sight, seeing You, beholding the glory of Your beauty and being lost in worship. I want that to be my constant position from which I will withdraw to go and serve You only at Your command and to return to my place in Your presence immediately when the service is over. Lord, I pray that my heart, my soul and my all may find their home in You, that You be the dwelling place of my total being.

Lord, teach me how to co-operate with You so that the servant-lover will be transformed into the lover-servant.

Lord, I sense that I must spend more time in Your presence in prayer, praise, worship, adoration, thanksgiving, waiting and reading the Word than I spend in ministering in the labour to see people come to You and render an implicit obedience to You in all things. Lord, enable me to discipline myself to withdraw from the presence of man. Thank You that You have recently shown me during my trip to Britain that I can be fully fulfilled in Your presence alone. Lord, O for more of it.

Lord, since the ratio at the moment is 1:4; help me in the next two months to raise it to 1:3 and grant that by the end of the year, it should be 1:2, i.e out of the 18 hours of working each day, 6 will be given to You and 12 spent in Your service.

Lord, grant that I faithfully and honestly record all the use of time so that I will face the figure squarely.

Lord, grant that at the end of 1989, should You tarry, the ratio should be 1:1

Lord, grant that by December 1989 I shall have reached the place of Your call on my life to redeem 20 hours every day for work.

Lord, grant that throughout 1990, should You tarry, I should spend 10 hours in Your presence every day.

Lord, continue to work in me so that some day I shall spend 4 hours in Your presence for every hour that I spend in Your service.

Lord, in order that the work that You have called me to do does not suffer, I pray Lord that You bless everything that I do. I pray that You promote me into the plane of blessing so that the work of serving You one hour will produce fruit that abides one millionfold.

Lord, work in me so that You become and increase as my one Satisfaction and not merely be my one source of satisfaction. I pray, Lord, that what You provide should meet my need but that Yourself satisfy me. Lord, grant that the purpose that You had in creating me be accomplished.

Lord, teach me how to worship You.

Lord, teach me how to worship You with prayer.

Lord, teach me how to worship You with fasting.

Lord, teach me how to worship You with fasting and prayer.

Lord, teach me how to worship You with fasting and prayer night and day.

Lord, grant that I know the deeper dimension of fasting i.e. that which is beyond abstention from food.

Lord, show me the secret of unceasing fasting.

Lord, deepen my experience of fasting and seeking You.

Lord, O Father, grant me a more mature experience of fasting and intimate union with You.

Lord, let me know one year during which I have fasted either totally or partially for each of the 365 days.

Lord, grant that I move up into an experience of walking daily in spiritual revival and renewal.

Lord, teach me deeper things on Fasting and the Spirit-filled life.

Lord, teach me deeper things on Fasting and a Spirit-filled walk.

Lord, teach me deeper things on Fasting and a life full of the Holy Spirit.

Lord, speak to me about a full-time ministry of fasting.

Lord, deliver me from all desire to be seen by man for personal glory.

Lord, deliver me from all desire to be heard by man for personal glory.

Lord, deliver me from all desire to be read for personal glory.

Lord, grant that I die anew and die daily from all desire for glory on earth and glory from earth.

Lord, be my one hiding place.

Lord, open my eyes to the power of seclusion; so that I will desire, seek and labour for it.

Lord, reveal to me the act of seclusion.

Lord, show me how I can be secluded even while rendering public ministry.

Lord, reveal the mighty power inherent in motivation.

Lord, grant that I be motivated in a mighty way for my two-fold ministry — to You and for You.

Lord, deliver me from all other sources of motivation.

Lord, unite my heart to Yours in such a way that what You know and want me to know should flow spontaneously to my spirit.

Lord, make my life an unceasing source of thanksgiving to You for all that You have done, are doing and will do for me, in me and through me.

Lord, grant that each message that You give me to proclaim be clear, specific, authoritative and effective.

Lord, let me have the audience that You have for me each time: the lowly, the poor, the ignorant, the wise, the rich, kings, presidents, rulers, etc, and grant that I be faithful to You and to each in proclaiming what You have in store for me and for them.

Lord, grant me to know in each case when my ministry to a person or persons is over, and give me the courage and discipline not to say another word but to retreat into Your presence.

Lord, teach me how to say goodbye to people, things and places that have been useful in the past.

Lord, grant me to distinguish temporal from permanent relationships, and give me the grace to establish the permanent and dismiss the temporal when its time is over.

Lord, help me to select my spiritual environment so that Your call on my life will be accomplished.

Lord, help me to create a spiritual environment such that all who touch me will touch You and yield to You.

Lord, give me the power to create impact for the glory of Jesus even when I cannot have physical contact.

Lord, grant that I be able to make enormous impact for Your glory on all whom I contact.

Lord, give me power to reproduce in my life the life of the Lord and to impart to all my spiritual children a life that satisfies God.

Lord, grant that I be so malleable in Your hands that I shall be at home in hiding as in exposure. Lord, let me know clearly when it is Your time to withdraw and when it is Your time to come to the public.

Lord, grant me to labour with the day of glorification in view.

Lord, grant that I be faithful in all things, so that I shall be crowned and enthroned with You.

Lord, show me what You want written in the preface. Lord, enable me to write it.

Lord, to whom do You want the book to be dedicated?

Lord, provide the person You have in mind to write the foreword.

Lord, enable him to write it so that You will be central and receive all the glory.

Lord, grant me the courage and honesty to write the chapter on Natural Desires Sought.

Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I should write the chapter on Natural Desires Obtained.

Lord, come with me so that I be totally honest and open as I write the chapter on Natural Desires Enjoyed.

Lord, give me the disposition of spirit, soul and body that will make me fit to write the chapter on Natural Enjoyment Taken Away. Lord, minister to me so that I should minister to others. Lord, flow to me so that what will go to others will be undiluted.

Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit, with power and with authority to write the chapter on, At Crossroads.

Lord, give me the ability to write the chapter, The choice, so that it will have both a healing touch and an exhortation touch.

Lord, grant that many who will read that chapter should chose You all afresh and choose You permanently.

Lord, You had an eternal purpose in creation, come with me so that in a few pages we may together write out for Your body in time Your purpose in creation, so that it is thorough and complete.

Lord Jesus, You are the Redeemer. Grant that Your Holy Spirit should unite Himself most specially to my spirit and bring my soul and body to co-operate in the writing of the chapter on God’s Purpose in Redemption; so that it will express the mind of God and not the thoughts of man.

Lord, I beg You to help me to flow forth with what You have put into me as the purpose for life.

Lord, give me the right words, thought forms, etc, for that which is more to be experienced than written about.

Lord, fill me with revelation, anointing and flow to write on God, the Believer’s Satisfaction.

Lord, talk to me and give me Your concept on how men are to worship You, and help me to write the chapter on Worshipping.

Lord, give me the revelation, the anointing, the power to communicate and the time to write the chapter: Worshipping with Prayer.

Lord, give me the revelation, the anointing, the power to communicate and the time to write the chapter: Worshipping with Fasting.

Lord, You who caused Anna to so worship You, and You who have received such worship from mature worshippers over the decades and centuries, come and write with me so that the chapter, Worshipping with Prayer and Fasting should contain elements of revelation, and show the maturing saints of today the heights that are open for them to reach in worship in our day.

Lord, You can take away the desire for food completely. I pray that by the time I write the chapter: Worshipping with Prayer and Fasting Day and Night I shall have begun my first year of fasting partially or completely each day of the year.

Lord, grant that something of the riches of this new experience should characterise the chapter.

Lord, I am convinced that man shall not live by bread alone. Lord, grant that I should not be apologetic as I write on fasting and the spiritual life.

Lord, give me grace and boldness to write the chapter on Fasting.

Lord, give me the grace, boldness and anointing needed to write the chapter on Fasting and seeking the Lord.

Lord, forbid that I should ever fast, even for only 24 hours without spending some time in seeking Your face.

Lord, grant me the boldness, authority, humility, anointing and time to write the chapter, Fasting and intimate union with the Lord.

Lord, grant that I know a holy dissatisfaction with my current experience of union with You, and labour more completely for greater heights and depths of intimacy with You.

Lord, I pray Thee, help me to write clearly and exhortationally on Fasting and Personal Spiritual Revival and Spiritual Renewal so that all who will read the

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