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Alpha Hybrid: The Magistrate (Cavern of Light, #2)

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A woman’s voice spoke to her, loud and clear. “It’s all right, Abby. There is nothing to fear. This is necessary.” The voice was familiar but she could not place it. How did she know that voice? Where was she?

Abby just underwent a life change unlike any other. The events of the past months have pushed the limits of her mind and soul, straining her emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Not even the most experienced in the supernatural arts know exactly how to help her, as Abby is of a whole new breed. Abby is a were-witch, and possessing the powers of both beings has become a full time job as she attempts to hone her skills and continue her family's legacy of protecting her hometown of Salem, Massachusetts.

Despite the intense changes in her life and in herself, this were-witch is ready to howl. She is settling into her new life with an exciting new career as a bakery owner and a steamy romance on the horizon. While everything has fallen apart, her dreams are beginning to fall into place.

The problem is that some of her dreams are very real and very strange.  Suddenly, Abby finds herself caught between the past and present as an important link that keeps history itself from falling apart. Is there more to these trances than mere fantasy, and will she be able to discover her true power in time?

Follow the pack as Abby leads her were-witch life and unwraps the deep mysteries that have made Salem a hotbed of magical and supernatural activity in Larissa Ladd's Cavern of Light series.

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