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Bar Pool is a book about gamesmanship, and its goal is to survey the many comical situations and fascinating subtleties that arise from playing pool in dingy dive bars. It focuses on the psychological tactics that are so successful in achieving victory within that dark arena, while hinting at their broader applications to everyday life. It aims to be a humorous and informative resource, suitable for both drunkards and sharp-shooters alike.

1. the use of methods, especially in a sports contest, that are dubious or seemingly improper but not strictly illegal.
2. the technique or practice of manipulating people or events so as to gain an advantage or outwit one’s opponents or competitors.

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The author has spent far too much time over the past ten years playing pool in the sketchiest diver bars that Southern California has to offer. Motivated partly by sadomasochistic urges for conflict and partly by an appreciation for the elegance and beauty of the game (and the opportunities to consume vast quantities of vodka), he’s played with the worst and best that the scene has to offer, and has seen it all. Under the fine tutelage of his mentor—a Harvard-educated lawyer-turned-burnout twenty years his senior—he became one half of a formidable and well-known local doubles team, and took great pleasure in destroying no less than five-hundred foolhardy egos.

In the years spent dispatching an almost endless lineup of would-be midnight champions, the author could not help but to become keenly aware of the underlying game within the game; bar pool, at its core, has little to do with shot-making ability or even strategy, but instead, much more to do with the stealthy application of questionable tactics and subtle methods of gamesmanship. His understanding took years to refine, but once it all clicked, it helped him earn the reputation amongst the crusty locals as: Pretty much the best ever.

Being armed with this unique perspective on a popular and exciting game (and aware of its wider applications), the author conceived this book (his second) and brought it to fruition. And so, with a sincere appreciation for the Machiavellian, and a glad heart, he hopes that readers might enjoy this work and enhance their own mastery of the psychological warfare that occurs under the influence of alcohol, testosterone, and physics at dive bars all across the country—and in every other place as well.


This book would not have surfaced without the author’s high fondness for the best dive bar in all of San Diego, California: London’s West End Pub. To its proprietors (Jenn and Tommy McMillin [may he rest in peace]) and awesome staff of happy enablers, and to all of the north Pacific Beach pool players and locals, the author extends a mighty cheer.

1. What is Bar Pool?

Bar pool is the happy bastardization of any organized or rules-bound billiards tournament. Though bar pool does have an underlying structure, it employs no referees to enforce order, leaving that solemn duty to fall onto the questionable character of the players themselves, or perhaps onto a drunken mob of interested onlookers. Additionally, its players are usually unprincipled amateurs, and their skill levels tend to vary wildly. There are also no tangible prizes or trophies to be won in bar pool, but its players, nevertheless, compete hard for the privilege of staying on the table, and for something akin to reputation points. Adding further contrast is that the equipment found in bars is often very shoddy, and the competitors are usually on the wrong side of being buzzed.

Playing bar pool can be huge fun though, and it has an addictive quality all its own. Games tends to start with a relaxed frivolity as disparate and sometimes unfamiliar contestants boldly step forward while enjoying some non-zero dose of their favorite social lubricants. But soon enough, the timid dance inevitably devolves into something more competitive and tense; and then the real fun begins.

Bar pool is at its best when a pair of previously smug frat boys realize mid-game that their superior shot-making abilities and bench-press numbers somehow have them losing to an unassuming pair of diminutive idiots who seem to smirk at all of the wrong moments. Bar pool, as shall be explored, is mostly a psychological contest, and once that is accepted by a student, his game will unfold and become enjoyable in many more dimensions—and his winning percentages will improve exponentially. But let it be stated early that winning at bar pool is not just about winning the games.

The goal of this book is to survey the many situations and fascinating subtleties that arise from playing pool in bars. It will focus on the psychological tactics that are so successful in achieving victory within that dark arena, and hint at their broader