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The Journey: A Needs & Values Approach To Change

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The Journey: A Needs & Values Approach To Change

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All we think and do involves change. Our needs and values reflect fundamental aspects of our psychological programming; affecting how we perceive change going on around us and what we think and do in response.

The Journey sets out to show that all the changes we make, whether of our own volition or those forced upon us, can be viewed as journeys in need satisfaction. Each journey connects a starting point and a destination. The subconscious biases we all have (as a consequence our unique psychological needs and values) affect our ability to accurately assess our starting points, destinations and the means of getting from one to the other.

These biases significantly contribute to the mistakes we make when trying to effect positive changes in our personal lives, and, when conflated with those of others, explain why most major organizational change programmes end in failure. The Journey aims to help people understand and make allowances for these biases, and so improve the ability of people and organizations to handle change successfully.

While aimed at a business audience, the insights it provides are universal, and as applicable to routine personal changes as they are to exceptional organizational changes.

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