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The Way Station

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The Way Station

Calificar: 3 de 5 estrellas3/5 (493 calificaciones)
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In a dusty, far-off way station, trouble finds a retired gunman

Virginia fell in love with Cameron Black as a young girl. The sight of a trained killer with guns on his hips set her heart fluttering. But as the years wore on, she drifted away, unable to bear her worry for him. Years later, after Black rescues Virginia from an Indian attack, she makes him an offer: Hang up your guns and I’ll be yours again. Together, they take a job running a lonely stagecoach station in the middle of the open range, hoping to find peace at last. But trouble is not far behind.

An outlaw arrives, smuggling $50,000 in stolen gold. His companion is Becky Grant, a debutante on the run from her father. Thieves chase the bandit, marshals hunt Becky, and a storm closes in on the way station. Before it passes, Cameron Black will don his pistols once more.
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