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Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to sustain relationships with the women in your life? Do you sometimes wonder if the “traditional woman” is becoming extinct or have you ever thought about the possibility of a completely gender-fluid generation to come?

Well, in The Female Curve, Johan and Marianna van Niekerk unravel these issues by introducing the secret elements that differentiate five types of women in the world. In addition to sharing their extraordinary findings, they also examine how the elements of their “Female Curve Model” create the building blocks of these five female types.

To bring the 5 women to life, they introduce five fictitious friends who represent the typical characteristics, values, appearances, lifestyles and behaviours of each type.

Now the fun begins! What type are you and the women in your life? Knowing and recognising the five types of women can contribute to your personal growth and help you develop compassion, tolerance and acceptance for the fabulous females in your life.

This book is a must read for women and men alike as it holds some of the great secrets to build loving and lasting relationships with all the women in your life. The Female Curve promises to truly intrigue and pleasantly surprise you.

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