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After getting kicked out of college, Baker is forced to return to his hometown and move in with his mom and his new step-father, Chuck, who just happens to be a cop. After catching the rebellious teen breaking curfew, the burly cop decides to show Baker that there is only one alpha male in their house. Taking control of the teen, Chuck is intent on becoming the strong, masculine influence that the boy has always needed.

This short story is approximately 8200 words. This work features dominance & submission, unsheathed bareback action, raunch, kink, spanking, discipline, bondage, taboo themes, as well as graphic sex. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

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My New Dad - Keegan Kennedy

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My New Dad - The Cop

By Keegan Kennedy

Smashwords Edition

Copyright February 2013

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My New Dad - The Cop

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My New Dad - The Cop

I tried my best to recreate your room from our old place, Mom said to me as the two of us walked into my new room in this new house.

Glumly, I looked around the room. It looked sort of like my old room, but it sure as hell wasn’t. My full-sized bed was there with the same blue comforter. The movie posters were on the wall…almost in the exact same positions as our old house. My dresser was across from the bed, and my old-timey 24-inch TV with the huge square box on the back, which I was sure weighed 200 pounds, was sitting on top of that.

Thanks, I sighed, dropping the two suitcases down beside my feet. The luggage made a loud thud on the floor.

Shhhh! My mother suddenly proclaimed. Chuck is asleep. He mustn’t wake him!

Sorry, I muttered in return.

Well, she said. Regardless of the circumstance, it is good to have you home.

This was not my home!

Sure, it was my hometown, but this two-story house was not our house! This was a prison, and I was certain that my new step-dad was going to be the warden.

She gave me an appraising look. Try to make the best of this situation, Baker.

I forced a smile. I will try, I weakly replied.

My mom turned to go but turned back toward me. Dinner is at four o’clock sharp!

Four o’clock?! What is this a retirement home?

She shot me an amused look. Of course it isn’t, but Chuck is on evening patrol tonight, and when I am home, we eat at four o’clock. He will also expect you at the table with us.

Mom, you are not this man’s slave….

Hardly! She laughed. You are so far off that you have no idea.

I gave her a confused look.

The family dinner is Chuck’s idea...not mine. He wants to set a solid routine before you. Besides, I am on the road for work for like twenty days out of the month, so I am hardly anyone’s slave…aside from my employer’s. Look, you and your new dad will be spending a lot of time together, and this will be a time of adjustment.

He is not my dad! I shot back. And I don’t want to live here!

"Well, you should’ve