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Arabella Parker and The Primrose School Revolt

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Arabella Parker and The Primrose School Revolt

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At nine and a half, Arabella Parker is a quite extraordinary girl. For one thing she can fly, an ability that she seems to have inherited from her Great Aunt Agatha.

Her parents, being terrible snobs, are more concerned with what the neighbours might think.

Ghastly Lady Gilbert-Thomas, Chairperson of the School Governors, and her equally untrustworthy husband, Sir Sidney Gilbert-Thomas, Chairman of the County Council, want to sell the school so that a megastore can be built.

But they haven’t taken into account Arabella who calls on the children of Primrose Primary to fight back and save it. Her mother is appalled; her father is devastated: What on earth will his bank chairman think?

“We’re revolting,” Arabella tells Mrs Brown, who supports the revolt.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” says Mrs Brown with a huge grin.

“We are,” insists Arabella. “My Aunt Agatha told me how to do it.”

And do it she certainly does.

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