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This primer for Biblical Greek is for the student preparing to learn Greek through classroom instruction or by self-learning.

You will learn:
*How to save money - learn what books are essential to learning Greek.
*How to easily memorize the Greek Alphabet using a "mnemonic" (memory aid) that will help you master the Greek Alphabet quickly and without rote drilling!
*How to memorize your first Greek "paradigm," the active present tense. Using this mnemonic device, you won't be using rote and will remember it forever in minutes!

If you are attempting to learn Greek by yourself, this ebook is essential to minimize your frustration and give you the best resources for learning Biblical Greek!

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Learn Biblical Greek - Blair Kasfeldt

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If you are a theological student learning Koine Greek, or attempting to learn Biblical Greek by yourself, you will need the proper books to facilitate learning the language as quickly (and painlessly) as possible.

Good News for the Average Student

I began studying Koine Greek in 1996. It was the first language I attempted to learn outside of English. I struggled and nearly failed at learning the language because it is so vastly different from how English functions with its various verb endings, paradigms and inflections. I refused to give up and thankfully I found help along the way (I wish the help would have been shared with me as I am sharing with you!). I am still studying, reading and enjoying the Greek New Testament today.