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Holy Innocence Part II

Holy Innocence Part II

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Holy Innocence Part II

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Jul 1, 2011


aint Dominic Savio Patron of Youth and Chastity - Student of Saint John Bosco - His motto, "Death but not sin."

Saint Rose of Viterbo Incorrupt body - She went among the villagers of Viterbo, feeding their bodies and souls.

Saint Stanislaus Kostka Traded in fame on Earth for everlasting peace and joy in Heaven - a role model for what mankind can be - for all ages and all times.

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Went into ecstasy. Trained to be a Knight, he chose the most physically and demeaning work.

Jul 1, 2011

Sobre el autor

Bob and Penny Lord renowned Catholic Authors and hosts on EWTN.They are best known for their media on Miracles of the Eucharist and Many Faces of Mary.They have been dubbed experts on the Catholic Saints.They produced over 200 television programs for EWTN global television network and wrote over 25 books and hundreds of ebooks.

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Holy Innocence Part II - Bob Lord

Holy Innocence Part II

Bob and Penny Lord

Published by Bob and Penny Lord at Smashwords

Copyright 2011 Bob and Penny Lord

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Holy Innocence Part II

Table of Contents:

Saint Dominic Savio

Saint Rose of Viterbo

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Saint Stanilaus Kostka

Saint Dominic Savio

the life of a Saint written by a Saint

Now, when we are living in a time when children are killing children, when children cannot pray in school, when children’s favorite toys and video games are of violence and horror, witchcraft and satanism, it is time for them to learn about a teen-ager who strove for and achieved Sainthood; it is time for Saint Dominic Savio. In the year 1950, one teen-ager-Maria Goretti, age twelve was canonized and another-Dominic Savio, age fifteen was beatified. Then in 1954 Dominic Savio was canonized. Did the Lord in His wisdom raise up these two young people to Sainthood to combat the hedonistic philosophy that would pervade the world and the Church, beginning in the 60’s?

I have a need to ask why we in the Church were not told about these strong, holy role models? In a time when we parents were struck dumb and completely helpless, watching our young drop before our eyes, from drug overdoses, why did we not know about these Saints? Why were our children not being taught in Catholic schools and C.C.D. programs about Saints such as these? Why were these Saints withheld from us, Saints we could hold up to our young, as a contrast to the drug-infested culture of death that was being fostered through catchy music? Well, we are taking full responsibility for our young, our right and obligation, as we read in Vatican Council II’s Document on Christian Education. The title of this book is entitled Holy Innocence, The Young and the Saintly; it could very well be entitled Heroes and Heroines because that is what we are about, bringing you Heroes and Heroines for today, to combat the sick role models being forced on us by the secular world. Man has always needed role models to emulate. Because our young have not grown up learning about the Saints, they have sought and found heroes in the mire of this world’s decadence. This Saint is to let our young know that they are precious and born to become Saints. We, the Mystical Body of Christ, are reclaiming our young, the future of our Church, our country, our world.

We ask our young to look into the mirror which Jesus holds up to them, to see themselves as Jesus sees them. This story is not for them to be another Dominic Savio, but to become unique Saints of their own. We want them to know that they have an opportunity to touch lives, just as father was a blacksmith, and the little saint was always ready to help in any way.

St. Dominic Savio would kneel at the steps in front of his parish Church and pray. We often speak of clusters, God putting people together to do His Will, not only for a particular time and place, but for all time and every place. Saints beget Saints. One of the biographies we referred to, to bring you this powerful holy young Saint, was written by none other than Saint John Bosco, a Saint who had a great impact and involvement in the life of young Dominic Savio, as well as other Saints, some unheralded.

I believe that this true story of Dominic Savio is to challenge the youth of today, with these words of St. John Bosco in the preface:

If a companion of mine, at my own age, living right here, open to the same, if not bigger, dangers, still found time and means to keep himself a true follower of Jesus Christ, why can’t I do the same? But bear well in mind that real religion is not made up of only words; we must come to deeds. On reading something you admire, don’t be content to say, How nice! I like that! Say, I want to strive for those achievements which I most admire in others!"

Out of the muck and mire, a rose blooms

Dominic was born of very poor but holy peasant stock, one of ten children. His parents were from Castelnuovo D’Asti, ten miles outside Turin. When things got desperate they were forced to leave, to find work in a small village outside of Chieri called Riva. There on April 2, 1842, a boy child was born to Charles and Brigid Savio, whom they baptized Dominic. When Dominic was two years old, the family moved once again, to a village near their home town of Castelnuovo d’Asti, Murialdo.

Right from his earliest years, Dominic showed clear signs of piety. His parents said he never gave them cause for the slightest worry, was always obedient and thoughtful of their feelings. At barely four years of age, he swiftly learned his prayers, and could be observed reciting them alone, morning, noon and night. Deeply attached to his mother, he only left her side to go to a small hideaway where he could continue praying unnoticed.

He never began eating without saying Grace. One day, his family unwittingly began eating without first having prayed. Little Dominic cried out, Daddy, we haven’t asked God to bless our meal yet. He then proceeded to make the Sign of the Cross and began the prayer the family always recited before eating. All joined in, and after they finished eating, they said the Angelus (as was their custom, morning, noon and night). On another occasion, a guest at their dinner table began eating without first saying Grace. Young Dominic rose and left the table, retiring to a corner of the room. When he was later questioned, as to his strange behavior, he said, I didn’t dare sit at table with someone who eats like an animal.

In his biography of this little Saint, Don Bosco speaks not only of the extraordinary Grace bestowed upon Dominic, but attributed much of his virtuous life to his parents and their tireless commitment to bring him the treasures of the Church. Their example, their daily, ongoing living out of the Faith, their praying the Rosary and the Angelus as a family, their devout attendance at Mass, their fidelity to the Sacraments, their faithful teaching of the Catechism, bringing Dominic the stark reality of sin with its ultimate destruction of the soul, and the luminous rays of piety with its eternal reward in Heaven, molded him into the Saint he would become.


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