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You will not be using rote memory techniques to learn Hebrew vocabulary in this guide, rather you will be using mnemonics, or memory aids based on mental imagery and sound-alike words.

The method employed in this vocabulary guide is to find an English word that sounds similar to the vocabulary word being learned and associating the sound-alike word to the definition of the vocabulary word to be learned. This process is done in the mind’s eye or imagination.

Words in bold in this vocabulary guide are the English sound-alike, while the word(s) in italic are the definition(s).

Sephardic pronunciation of Hebrew is used throughout for consistency. Consistency of pronunciation is vital to properly learning and retaining Hebrew vocabulary. Many Hebrew words sound similar, so be careful to properly pronounce each word to minimize confusion.

Vocabulary contained in this guide that does not have vowel pointing does not occur in the Qal stem. For memorization and pronunciation purposes, the supplied vowels will be qames - patah.


Forming visual mental associations with vocabulary has been proven by studies to significantly improve recall – both short and long term. Using this method of memorization is also a much