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Death, Dying, and Beyond

Death, Dying, and Beyond

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Death, Dying, and Beyond

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Dec 22, 2010


What happens to me when I die? Will I just cease to be? Will I see my family again? These are just some of the questions expressed to me in my 35+ years as a channel for the source called Lama Sing. This is a book intended to replace the fear of dying with a joyous expectation that gives peace to life and mastery to the afterlife.

Dec 22, 2010

Sobre el autor

Al Miner began trance-channeling Lama Sing in 1973 after a chance hypnosis session revealed he had that ability. Since then, Al has given nearly 10,000 readings for individuals and groups from around the world, without their being present, on such topics as science, health and disease, history, geophysics, metaphysics, past and future times, and more. The accuracy of his readings has been documented and substantiated by research institutions and individuals, such that he has never advertised for readings, his worldwide renown having been built through reputation. In 1975 he was awarded an honorary PhD in Parapsychology by St. Johns University. Al accepts requests on a limited basis for personal readings. He devotes the majority of his time to broader concerns, intended for the good for all.

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Death, Dying, and Beyond - Al Miner



and Beyond

How to Prepare for the Journey:

Volume One

By Al Miner and Lama Sing

Rev 12.23.10

Copyright Al Miner 2006

Smashwords Edition

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This book is dedicated to all of you who have lost someone you love, with the comforting reassurance that those you loved are not gone but have gone on. It is dedicated as well to those who remain behind, for that time is an inevitability for us all. Yet life is continuous. When life on Earth has come to its fruition, those we love and we ourselves continue to live on another level of awareness. Thus the concept of death as an end, a disintegration to dust or ashes, pertains to the body not the being.

"As the wind caresses the leaves of your land, so does your spirit caress innumerable bodies, in innumerable lands.

Your spirit is as free as that wind, and as wondrous and warming to behold." -Lama Sing



About These Works

About Lama Sing

About This Channel

Reading I

The Experience of Death and Life Thereafter

Opening Comments

Free to Continue On

Living a Lifetime of Goodness

A Lifetime Completed

Importance of Prayer



Questions and Answers

What should we do now that we can’t on the next plane?

Is pain registered on the other side?

Do some people die because they weren’t on their path?

What of deaths such as freak accidents?

How does suicide fit in?

When mind and body are useless, what is the purpose?

What are some of the reasons for dying?

How does attitude in life affect life after death?

For one who acted against us, can we release them from karma?

Is there a Resurrection Day, where your soul goes to Heaven?

Is keeping a body alive artificially against the natural law?

What is it that determines when one is dead?

When facing death, what is the best attitude?

What of the time to go vs. wanting desperately to live?

Do mass deaths have to do with those who are involved?

How long does the death hormone take to function?

How many levels does a soul travel before reincarnation?..

Why do mass deaths occur and what happens to those souls?

Please evaluate funerals, and is there a better way?

What of cremation?

Please describe the next plane. Is there time and space?

Explain: Consumed by what the body is created of.

What of Arcturus? And, does a soul have to return to Earth?

Evaluate: Waiting three days for burial; …embalming.

What of inflicting punishment, such as the death penalty?

Closing Comments

The Movement of the Spirit through Time

The Spiritual Aspect of Your Being

Reading II

How to Prepare for Departure from the Body

Opening Comments

Physical and Spiritual Expression

Cycle of Physical and Spiritual Bodies

Purpose of the Finite Expression

Preparing for Acceptance of God

Preparing for Departure

Beyond the Veil of Darkness

Questions and Answers

What thoughts should we hold at the time of death?

Does preparing for departure vary by individual?

What of those taken abruptly as through accidents?

How can we best help at another’s time of transition?

How should we think of those who have passed on?

Can the thoughts we hold be helpful?

Can thoughts we hold be detrimental?

How can we release a dying person to go on?

What of being kept alive artificially with machinery?

Please discuss the phrase "death with dignity?

Why do religions have special sacraments to follow?

Are special death rites beneficial or harmful?

Does the person who died stay close by the funeral?

Do the Catholic last rites help in the transition?

What of those to whom such last rites are not given?

What would be the ultimate funeral?

Where should the body be buried or the ashes scattered?

What happens to those who have died and return?

Are most of us conscious for the transition?

Why would one believe they’re still alive?

Outline the movement of the death consciousness.

Closing Comments

Thoughts Are Seeds

Believing, So Is It Done

Reading III

Suicide and Its Spiritual Implications

Questions Submitted by Mail

Opening Comments

What Is Life


Giving One’s Body Over to a Walk-In.

In All Things, Consider the Intent

What Is Suicide

The Victim Chose the Causal Conditions

Attempts at Heavenly Intervention

Forms of Suicide Besides the Ending of Physical Life

Degrees of Suicide

Fear and Faith in the Suicidal Intent

How the Opportunity for Re-Entry Is Determined

The Kind of Life to Which the Victim Might Return

Suicidal Tendencies as a Part of Heredity


If the Attempted Intervention Is Not Heeded

Intentional versus Unintentional Suicide

The Question of Aristotle’s Suicide

Sparing a Loved One Hardship

Those Who Can’t Communicate Their Desires

Dr. Kevorkian and Assisted Suicide


Closing Comments

There Is Always Hope

Reading IV

Life After Death

Questions Submitted by Mail

Opening Comments

Brightening the Way

Discourse: Transition Experiences

One Who Has Been Less Than Kind

One Who Has Led an Average Life

One Who Has Walked in Life as an Adept

Closing Comments

Never an End to Potential Growth

Adepts and Masters

Signets of Accomplishment

The Differentiating Factor of Potential

Believe Yourself to Be Eternal

Closing Prayer

About Al Miner


About These Works

Know that it is our prayer throughout eternity that these works shall heighten that consciousness in each who shall hear it, and only to the need and the usefulness of thy soul’s will do we ask that it be given. Each shall hear differently, for each is the unique creation of God—each one hears within himself or herself, and shall understand a different word, a different comprehension. So, dwell not upon this word or that, but cleave unto the spirit, which is given in each.

The purposes of functioning through this Channel are to give to mankind only that as would urge them to find God within themselves. There is no wish among those present here that these words shall ring throughout eternity or be inscribed in great books or great halls. It would rather be our most humble prayer that the thoughts which are given with these words should have some meaning in the hearts and minds of those who hear them; and that the thoughts and attitudes shall live on—not these words or these works or the name surrounding same. -Lama Sing

About Lama Sing

More than thirty years ago for our convenience, the one through whom this information flows accepted the name Lama Sing, though it was stated they, themselves, have no need for names or titles.

We identify ourselves only as servants of God, dedicated to you, our brothers and sisters in the Earth.


"The source, which has become known as Lama Sing is, indeed, a teacher to the Channel. The Channel has functioned with this source in previous life experiences not limited to the Earth or physical planes. The source, known as Lama Sing, is a part of the Channel’s group soul purpose, which then functions under a different accord or tenet, celestially speaking.


Do not, in essence, associate the title Lama Sing as an individual name. Though the name has been an individual soul’s name in past, it should not be thought of just as an individual in its present use or connotation but, rather, as a group or purpose, rather than a name. It would be as though one were speaking to a consciousness, which is comprised of collective aspects. We humbly pray this is of some clarity to you. -Lama Sing

About This Channel

Channel is that term given generally to those who enable themselves to be, as much as possible, open and passable in terms of information that can pass through them from the Universal Consciousness, or other such which are not associated in the direct sense with their finite consciousness of the current incarnation.

Shall there be a temple unto him as an individual? It would be our prayer that this shall not be so. If thee would regard him, everyone, as a brother, then this is a source of joy. But do not edify nor build temples, for there is but one God. It is the purpose of this Channel to be a lamp unto your footsteps, to be your servant, and to be that which gives unto you when you are needy and which shares with you when you are joyous. But we, here, and the Channel, are no greater than the least of thee. -Lama Sing


Editor’s Note:

With the exception of a few words here and there, what you are about to read are the words of Lama Sing given in fourteen separate sessions (called readings), channeled by Al Miner. Questions that were sent in by the sponsor were read by Al at the opening, after which he placed himself into the trance state. Lama Sing would then enter the dimension of Earth, borrowing Al’s voice for the reading.

Even though the name Lama Sing has been assigned to these readings, there is actually always a group involved. Depending upon the topic, sometimes the number is massive, and sometimes it is a handful; sometimes they are speaking to a group, and sometimes to an individual they know will one day get the message – in essence, speaking to one and all, as well as to only one and only all… curious, but true. Throughout the reading, they defer to one another just as we do when in a group discussion. This information may be of value as you read, so you don’t stumble when they sometimes change, even in a single paragraph, from an archaic form of speech to a more modern one, or from the singular to the plural.

The name Channel is used by Lama Sing in place of Al, because to use the name Al would essentially serve to call him – call him from that consciousness to which he is taken that prevents his influence in what is given in the reading.

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