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Healthy is Tasty

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Healthy is Tasty

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The book explains the principle of food combining, and the reason why vegetarian food is good for you. It gives you a 2-month eating plan that you can follow. It is not necessary to go vegetarian only on Mondays. With this eating plan you can dive right in and enjoy experimenting with new foods.

There is a section for fruits, because fruits are the best food for your breakfast. Then there is a section for sandwiches, because they are the most common packed lunches. You will find a section on vegetarian main courses, vegetable side dishes, side salads, and deserts.

One of the most common vegetarian products that we adopted from the Far East is tofu. You can buy your own tofu or you can make it yourself as explained in this book. Also, because tofu is naturally tasteless, there is a section for marinades that will make your tofu taste like beef, or chicken or fish.

At the back of the book all recipes are listed and if you click link of the chosen recipe, you will be taken directly to the recipe.


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