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Messenger of The Way

Messenger of The Way

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Messenger of The Way

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Jul 31, 2013


The “Messenger of The Way” is about the greatest story ever told. It is an analysis of who we are, where we have been, and where we need to go. Quickly you are led into the seeing of your own soul’s light with tools that work immediately. You are given five principles that can be used to change yourself, your family, and ultimately the world. The story reveals in concise short descriptions the peoples, societies, and religious philosophies of the inhabitants of the earth, so that you can see who you are in the sea of many. Secrets are revealed, mysteries explained, and you are invited to be a part of it. Not by seeing “The Power of Now” or by understanding ascension like “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, but by allowing the reader to use tools to realize these beautiful concepts. There is a Way and this book can take you there.

Jul 31, 2013

Sobre el autor

Dr. Gary Musgrave is an extraordinary Chiropractor/Author who practices in the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area. He brings 22 years of experience and 21 years of education to a mobile Chiropractic solution. Dr. Musgrave brings the incredible healing resources described in his book “Messenger of The Way”, together with advanced certifications as a Chiropractic Sports Physician and Chiropractic Extremity Physician, to a laser like focus on your well-being.

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Messenger of The Way - Gary Musgrave

Messenger of The Way

by Dr. Gary D. Musgrave


Copyright © 2010 by Gary D. Musgrave

All rights reserved. This book or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means – electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise – without prior written permission of the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. Book published by Smashwords.

International Standard Book Number: 978-0-615-39144-1

Printed in the United States of America

Cover graphic art design by Bohdon Sayre

Cover and back cover design formatting by Dustin Horn

Edited by Ken Malgren and Jan Musgrave

This book was written for: Those that seek The Way

Dedicated to:

The God that lives within us all. Jan who is the best half of my heart and intellect, and the King’s Men and Women known and unknown.


Beneath the twinkling stars, on an aqueous aqua orb, man strives to find his way. This is the condition of man from time immortal. From the beginning he has sought a better way in his world. Adapting, creating, copying, implementing, recognizing new limits, and finding ways to surpass them. It is his nature, his birthright and obligation. We now find ourselves in the 21st century, at least as we measure time. There were likely times before this age of man and there were likely different approaches to surpassing their limitations. Still today we cannot fully explain the manipulation of artifacts that seem too monstrous for primitive man. Could it be that there were times before our time where man for eons developed to the pinnacle of his species? Or, is there an extraterrestrial answer to that question? Regardless, for the purposes of this book we will assume that there has been a progression to something, that we are going somewhere, and that there is a way to get there. We represent the aggregate of our ancestry and we are here now due to the efforts of those who have gone before. We honor them, and we accept their sacrifices. We profit from their accumulated knowledge and move forward to surpass their imagined limitations. It is unlikely that we will ever truly break new ground or walk a path that has not been previously walked, but there are some paths that are less traveled.

In this light the term "The Way" is a path that refers to all that there is that can be sought in truth. The Way is layered with truths. All truth leads ultimately to the Creator. The Creator being defined as the unification of mind, body, spirit, space, time, and matter into perfection, therefore any true path leads to the understanding of all paths.

One of the "ways" is the Martial Way.  I will often use this path as an example of how The Way works and how to think about integrating the thought processes into your path so you might find your way.  The intention of this author is to try to follow a way that is American in nature. I come from a Judeo Christian background and I believe that Jesus Christ is the personification of The Way, but your way may be different. This book is about seeing how the puzzle fits together, integrating all the geopolitical and social religious philosophies into a cohesive understanding.  It is about joining this thing that has been separated for millennia by religious and social self-righteousness.

The past explorers of this knowledge come from the world’s oldest societies who over vast generations passed the philosophy of The Way down through their societies to the present time. Many of the skills I will be relating to you are of course from them. It is also important for you to know that many more of these techniques come from the truth of The Way itself. You have heard the phrase seek and ye shall find or knock and it shall be opened unto you. I would humbly add "for those that seek, The Way can be found. This is regardless of the mechanism of instruction or the individual race, politics, or I knew this first" attitude prevalent in philosophy today. The Way is owned by no man, church, religion, or society.

Do not dwell on the idea that others have walked the path of The Way before you. Just realize that you represent some point along a path that is going somewhere. Some would say home, others might say Heaven. Maybe it is a path back and you are not learning, but surrendering to a memory. Regardless of the destination of the path and how to traverse it, the path you take represents your life and how you choose to live.

The macrocosm of the universe is infinite, and the totality of all things I define as God. Therefore, all individual things are a part of God. All that you can imagine, all of your dreams, conversations, fears, joys etc. are part of the total. Therefore the presence of the infinite (God) is part and parcel of everything. So from this point on, try to remove from your thought process any form of separation that you can imagine. The earth and all that inhabit it represent one of the infinite numbers of microcosms within the infinite macrocosm of God.

It could be that God set about investigating Himself. To do this He required a separate identity to give Him feedback about Himself. For example, when you try on that new outfit it helps to ask someone, How does this look? How would God do this if His consciousness was the only thought process present? Could it be that He sought out a singular part of Himself, a beautiful blue orb suspended within Him with the potentiality of supporting self-identity? There too slowly unfolds His consciousness into the atoms of this world until a separate identity could be born, thereby providing Him with the feedback needed to converse.

Was He amazed when His plan worked so well that when man reached an evolutionary level of understanding of his self-identity, he forgot that he was part of God? That man’s ego would claim self-identity to such an extent that he would become capable of developing personal illusions of grandeur? That man would seek out other men of like illusions and form societies? That societies would self-identify themselves as superior and separate to others and form boundaries, religions, social prejudice, and would be willing to kill to preserve their opinions of self-identity?

This writer postulates that The Way is the unfolding of God’s consciousness into the realms of man. The goal of man is to surrender into this unfolding totality, becoming separate yet one with God. This concept is important for what is to come in the following chapters of this book. I will utilize this concept to reveal to you The Way. The interplay between surrender and sensitivity to the totality of the macrocosm (God) is the key to the art of following The Way.

Great teachers and prophets have brought into the world of man this same message, but mostly it was through allegory, symbolism, and personal experience. I’m sure I will do the same, but I will also try to use physics and science, which often appear in opposition to the dogma of religious thought that states: It is, because it is. It is my hope to reveal that all things are part of the evolutionary path of The Way. The discussion is not about mysticism, but laws that are at the root of the mystery. For who among us other than God can see the whole picture. In our perception of reality it is all about energy in motion. Light, color, mass, density, time, speed, force and acceleration on one side, and sight, smell, hearing, touch, knowledge, memory, emotions and spirituality on the other. The underlying law is that one way or another all of those things represent frequency, i.e. energy in motion.

What is the essence of the Creator? What is the building block of life? What is it that forms the consciousness of man and our reality? We know from a scientific perspective, based on particle theory, that all of the things that we can see, touch, smell, and hear are interactions of molecules in motion. Therefore all molecules interact with each other based on the fluctuation of frequency.

When we see the color of a red rose, it is because the petal has absorbed all of the colors of the light spectrum except red. The red is reflected away, and this reflected light is what we see. This same color can be measured as a specific frequency by instrumentation. The smell of the rose can also be measured in terms of frequency by scientific methods, and our nose detects this same frequency as a fragrance. This information is then carried upon neurons to our brain where remembered or learned frequency patterns are analyzed and interpreted.

When we hear the rustle of the wind through the trees, or the sound of a bird on a specific branch of that tree, we can discriminate between the two sounds and locate the bird because of the differences in the frequency.

When we touch an object we can differentiate between smooth and rough, hot or cold, sharp or dull, because the tactile pressure against the nerve endings of our skin measures frequency.

These examples are simple expressions of the current of life. We might be tempted at this point to believe that frequency is the essence of the Creator, but notice that in the previous line I used the word current. If frequency is the current of consciousness, the carrier of information about molecules in motion, then what is the building block of a molecule? The answer to this is of course the atom. Interestingly enough, the atom has within it a frequency that carries a pattern of electrons, neutrons, and protons, giving each atom its own individuality. Recently science has discovered an even smaller particle called the neutrino and within this a string. Because this represents the smallest particle humans have perceived, let us assume that

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