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1872 Chicago Firefighter Directory

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1872 Chicago Firefighter Directory

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In 1872 Chicago was just recovering from the awful tragedy caused by the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, i.e. a conflagration that burned from October 8-10, 1871. Steam engines, antiques by modern standards, were sorely tested in controlling fires that often burned uncontrolled for hours and days. The earliest hook and ladder fire truck was two years in the future. My directory lists the names, addresses, and business affiliations of firemen who worked in Chicago in 1872. Many of these men were employed by railroads. Some of the railways still exist, like the Illinois Central. Lots of them went out of business before the end of the 19th century, or early in the 20th century. Among these were the Pittsburgh Ft. Wayne & Chicago and the Chicago & Alton Railroads.Various steam engines like the Long John and Jacob Rehm were property of the city of Chicago. My directory records the firemen who were assigned to the various fire engines. I hope that the reference I am publishing will be useful in multiple ways. It's a fine resource for historians who are interested in the history of the U.S. and Chicago. Also, it's a tool for those who want to study the individual ancestries of the firemen who are noted in the text.

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