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Amazon FBA 2020: How to Sell on Amazon Step by Step Including Introductions to Wholesale, Private Label, Arbitrage, Used Books and Avoiding Account Suspension

Amazon FBA 2020: How to Sell on Amazon Step by Step Including Introductions to Wholesale, Private Label, Arbitrage, Used Books and Avoiding Account Suspension

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Amazon FBA 2020: How to Sell on Amazon Step by Step Including Introductions to Wholesale, Private Label, Arbitrage, Used Books and Avoiding Account Suspension

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Jun 11, 2013


Expand Your Financial Power with This All-in-One FBA Guide

Are you new to Amazon FBA or looking to grow your brand on this gigantic online marketplace? This book, Amazon FBA 2020, is your ONE-STOP guide to starting and scaling your business on Amazon in 2020.

There is a library load of books on Amazon FBA. When you pick up book A, it gives you only a piecemeal of the information you need to begin and succeed in selling on Amazon. You open book B, you find just a tiny part of FBA success tips. And you begin to wonder how many more books you need to buy to get ALL the information you require to build a successful brand on Amazon. Fret no more!

This book is your start-to-finish Amazon business companion. It has detailed, easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to prepare, launch, grow and expand your brand on the FBA platform. If you’re new to the Amazon business, you surely need to get all the latest start-up and scaling instructions hidden in the pages of this book. And if you’re an old hand in the business, don’t get too confident. Rules change and trends move upwards and downwards all the time. You need to keep abreast with the latest information on Amazon FBA so you can maintain a seller account that will never get penalized ever again.

Jun 11, 2013

Sobre el autor

Frank has been a very successful Amazon seller for many years.During this time, he built his business up to the point where he was able to spend a whole year traveling across South East Asia. This trip was financed entirely from the ongoing profits produced from his Amazon business. Frank's online inventory continued to fully fund him while he took in sights from across the sea. What a wonderful lifestyle his Amazon business affords him.Years ago, as he was first building his business, he realized that the missing link to attaining maximum success was learning all the techniques and tricks involved in sourcing an endless supply of the most profitable inventory on Amazon, so he set out to learn absolutely everything he could about that process.The more he learned, the more his Amazon business prospered. He became respected as one of the most knowledgeable people in the industries of online selling and sourcing inventory.Frank is a true industry professional and is a respected member of the ABA (The American Booksellers Association). He hopes to share the knowledge he has attained with others who desire flexible work hours, high profits, and a stable, enjoyable standard of living.

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Amazon FBA 2020 - Frank Aaron Florence

Amazon FBA 2020

How to Sell on Amazon Step by Step Including Introductions to Wholesale, Private Label, Arbitrage, Used Books and Avoiding Account Suspension

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By reading this document, the reader agrees that under no circumstances is the author responsible for any losses, direct or indirect, which are incurred as a result of the use of the information contained within this document, including, but not limited to, errors, omissions, or inaccuracies.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: What Is Amazon FBA?

Chapter 2: Factors to Consider Before Selling with FBA

Chapter 3: Getting Started on Amazon as a Seller

Chapter 4: Branding and Marketing for Amazon Sellers

Chapter 5: Essential Tools for FBA Success

Chapter 6: More on Selling with FBA

Chapter 7: Secrets for Amazon FBA Success

Chapter 8: Gaining Market Traction & Feedback

Chapter 9: Strategies and Tactics to Overcome Competition

Chapter 10: Selling Wholesale Products with FBA

Chapter 11: FBA Private Label

Chapter 12: What is Retail Arbitrage?

Chapter 13: Selling Used Books on Amazon

Chapter 14: Reasons for FBA Account Suspension

Chapter 15: Ways to Avoid FBA Account Suspension

Chapter 16: How to Reinstate a Suspended Amazon FBA Account



Discover the history of Amazon and its highly impressive supply chain model that makes Amazon FBA a great program for sellers who are looking to profit by selling on Amazon. The FBA program offers a range of useful services for Amazon sellers to efficiently store and ship their products to their customers by utilizing Amazon's vast network of warehouses, transportation solutions, shipping partnerships, state-of-the-art technology, and capable staff.

There are many factors an Amazon seller needs to consider before they sell with FBA. We go into these factors in detail, identifying their pros and cons while discussing ways one can benefit from the FBA program by overcoming the cons associated with FBA.

There is a lot of work that is involved in selling products on Amazon. We explore these steps in detail, highlighting their importance while providing valuable tips to ensure that they cover all bases when it comes to researching, sourcing, listing, and selling products on Amazon. We discuss the importance of branding and marketing for Amazon businesses and talk about ways for FBA sellers to build their brand and give more exposure to their products using various methods.

A plethora of tools has surfaced to help Amazon sellers to succeed. We look into some of the essential tools that Amazon sellers can utilize to make the processes behind researching, sourcing, managing, listing, and selling their products successful while being a step ahead of their competitors.

An Amazon seller must make an effort to increase market traction to enjoy more sales revenue. We discuss ways one can gain packing market traction for their products on Amazon. Customer feedback is seen as one of the most effective ways of appealing to buyers on Amazon. We explore ways to ensure that your customers leave good feedback that contributes to your brand image and sales revenue.

There is immense competition among sellers on Amazon. Therefore, one needs to be aware of their competitors and the tactics they use to stay ahead. We discuss various ethical and unethical tactics different Amazon sellers will use against you and ways to overcome them.

Sourcing wholesale products is a great method to enjoy success selling with FBA. There is a chapter dedicated to everything one needs to know about sourcing wholesale products and working with suppliers while making profits from wholesale products on Amazon.

Another way that an FBA seller can establish themselves on Amazon is by selling private label products. We discuss ways to find suppliers of private label products, ways to get private label products to be sold on Amazon, and listing them under your own brand.

Retail arbitrage remains one of the most popular ways of sourcing profitable products to sell on Amazon. We discuss the basics behind retail arbitrage success and ways to find profitable products using various methods and tools. Another popular mode of making money on Amazon is by selling used books.

There is a chapter dedicated to learning about ways to source for used books at great prices while making sure your purchases are profitable. We discuss different ways to ensure that your customers are happy with the products they purchase from you while making sure that you make profits without misleading them.

Statistics suggest that many FBA sellers experience account suspension due to a variety of reasons. We discuss different reasons behind Amazon suspending seller accounts and ways to minimize one's chances of being suspended. Instructions on how to get one's suspended Amazon seller account reinstated is also discussed at length while giving valuable tips to ensure that your appeal is successful with quick reinstatement of your seller account.

Chapter 1: What is Amazon FBA?

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 as an e-commerce platform selling books online. Bezos's vision at the time was to grow big and do it fast as he predicted an e-commerce boom. He led the company to precisely that, as it is the world's largest internet based company.

Amazon has gone on to sell all kinds of products and services online from books to container houses in less than two decades. Bezos first called the company Cadabra as in Abracadabra. However, he later changed it to Amazon as he decided to go for a clearer company name that also didn't have a magic reference.

Bezos was drawn to the name Amazon since it is the name of the biggest river in the world. He envisioned his company to become the world's biggest in its sector, so the name Amazon seemed to be the perfect fit.

Bezos did not have a good idea about what to sell when he founded Amazon. He finally decided to sell books as they were very easy to source, pack, and distribute. However, Amazon wasn't the first company to sell books online. A Silicon Valley book business called Computer Literacy was already doing it since 1991. The difference between Computer Literacy and Amazon was the fact that Amazon offered much more convenience to its customers, which in turn contributed to its success.

Bezos maintains that he had planned Amazon to become what it is today, not just an online marketplace that sells products but also a tech giant. The company did not stick only to books for long. It started selling music and computer games in 1998. Amazon also grew its market share by acquiring online bookstores around the world, most notably in Germany and the United Kingdom.

As the world stepped to a new Millennium, Amazon took some vital steps forward by starting to sell consumer electronics, software, home-improvement items, toys, and much more. In March 2006, Amazon took a vital step towards establishing itself as a technology company by launching Amazon Web Services (AWS), fulfilling Bezos's ambition of Amazon being a lot more than an online retail company.

Indeed, Amazon is largely known due to its dominance and popularity in the field of e-commerce. However, a large share of the company's revenue comes from selling digital services. Amazon's subsidiaries, such as Twitch, Ring, and IMDb, have become highly successful and popular at the same time. The company also produces a range of consumer electronics such as Fire TV, Fire tablets, and Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon unveiled Kindle e-readers in 2007. Five years later, Kindle tablets contributed to the sale of more than 50% of all tablets operating with Android. The success of Kindle e-readers resulted in Amazon entering into the book publishing business. Since then, Amazon has successfully ventured into many other businesses and services making it one of the world's largest multinational companies.

Amazon achieved a significant milestone in 2015 by becoming America's most valuable retail business in terms of market capitalization. The year 2017 saw Amazon acquiring Whole Foods Market in a whopping 13.4 billion-dollar acquisition that helped the company mark its presence as a powerful brick-and-mortar retailer. Amazon announced its two-day delivery option named Amazon Prime in 2018, which has amassed more than 100 million subscribers around the world.

In its early days, many skeptics predicted that Amazon would not survive against much established and larger bookstores. However, Amazon offered convenience, and it appealed to consumers. It resulted in the company becoming a preferred choice among customers who wanted to buy books online. The popularity remained as Amazon started selling items other than books, and it continues to grow with the company, expecting to make groundbreaking steps in the fields of retail and technology for years to come.

Amazon’s Supply Chain

It is safe to say that Amazon is

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