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Ancient Wisdom In Modern Menu

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Ancient Wisdom In Modern Menu

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Our purpose in writing this cookbook is to share the simplicity of healthy lifestyle cooking. To inspire you to choose health.
Health is a choice you make everyday. It is a lifetime choice. The first choice is understanding that you and your family are worth the best. Eating healthy now may seem like it costs a few more dollars.
What is your alternative? You may pay a few more dollars to eat healthy now or pay the price of sickness later in life.
What price do you put on your health? Your life?
You are worth it! Your children are worth it! The people who come into your home are worth it! Begin Now!
The recipes in this book will assist you in your new lifestyle.
The unique quality of each recipe in this book is:
1.Every ingredient is organic (chemical and pesticide free) with a few exceptional items we are unable to obtain in our area in which case 100% natural ingredients are used.
2.All flavorings and spices are Young Living Essential Oils and Herbamare spice (Organic dried herb blend).
3.All Sweeteners are Stevia Select (Young Living Essential Oil Product), Agave, maple syrup or honey.
Welcome to the lifestyle of the abundant and the healthy!

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