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Organize Your Money, Simplify Your Life

Organize Your Money, Simplify Your Life

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Organize Your Money, Simplify Your Life

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Feb 20, 2013


Do you feel like your finances are a mess? Are you looking for a better way to organize your money?
Are you tired of battling unexpected bills? Just when you get one bill paid off, you get hit with another one!
Have you tried different budget systems but just can't seem to stick with it?
I felt that way for many years and experimented with many popular personal finance programs, but found myself discouraged by the complexities and the feeling that I was being told how to live my life. This is what led me to create a system that requires a lot less time and effort and gives a person the power to decide what is important to them. This book is the result of those efforts.
I designed this system to work for everyone, from people who are in debt with a very limited income, to those who make a lot of money and are working on their portfolio. It is also a system that will work throughout a lifetime of financial changes -- a teenager can start this program with their first account and they will be able to use it through retirement. It will help you stay on track with your goals, whether that means getting out of debt or saving for something important. And unlike some programs, my plan does not tell you how or where you should be spending your money. It is your life and your paycheck; you have the right to spend it as you wish. If Starbucks is the best part of your day, then simply plug the numbers into this system so you can have your daily fix! Let's face facts--most schools aren't doing a very good job teaching kids how to organize their money. If you can introduce this system to someone you care about, you could be teaching them the single most significant lesson in their lives.

Feb 20, 2013

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Organize Your Money, Simplify Your Life - Jeffrey Reishus

Organize Your Money

Simplify Your Life

a simple organizational tool that will help you live within your means

By Jeffrey D. Reishus

Copyright Jeffrey D. Reishus 2013

Smashwords Edition

Table of contents

About the author


Getting started

Daily spending

Monthly bills

Future expenses

The true cost of ownership

Essential and non-essential items

Organizing your money

Common questions


Contact the author

About the author:

At 43 years old, I had enough. Our finances were a mess and I couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t get ahead. In fact, it seemed that we were falling behind every month. Together, my wife and I make a good income. We don't have any kids, and we live in a modest home with two modest vehicles. For our income level it didn't seem like we were overspending, but I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. I decided to analyze our spending to find a solution. I found that our problem was that we had not been organizing our money. We had one checking account for our paychecks and we used that account to pay for EVERYTHING. On payday, we looked at our account and saw that we had plenty of money to do the things we wanted but we didn’t know how much of that money we could spend until next payday. How much of that money was needed to pay off our monthly bills? What bills had already been paid out of that money? By just looking at my balance, there was no way to know how much was truly available to spend and what was needed for bills and future expenses. I had decided that I needed to create a system that I could immediately know how much was available to spend until next payday. This was my goal and it is exactly what I accomplished!

I created a system that organized our money so that we know exactly where we stand at any time. We used to be hit with what we called unexpected expenses. Not anymore! Home repairs, auto repairs, vet bills, Christmas. You name it, we have it covered. It took a lot of research and trial and error, but eventually I got it set up perfectly. It changed our lives significantly and we no longer stress about money.

After working with my new system for a while, I realized that this was a system that could work for anyone. It isn’t dependent on an income level and it is simple enough that anyone can do it. This is an organizational tool; it doesn’t tell you how to get out of debt or how to invest. It organizes your money in a simple way to accomplish your financial goals. If debt is a problem, you can use this tool to organize your money so that you can meet your goals of getting out of debt. If investments are important, this tool can help organize your money so that you’re investing the amount you feel is necessary. I started to tell friends and family about the system I created and I was getting some great feedback. I decided I had to do more, so I wrote a book to tell the world about it. My reason for writing this book is to help change people’s lives the way this

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