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Now in larger, more readable type. The four major techniques of speed reading taught by college lecturer and author, Dr. Jay Polmar. Jay taughtspeed reading and other accelerated learning classes at colleges, universities, corporations, and private seminars for many years. His courses have been published since 1977 and are in 6 languages and used around the world. Now you can take his unique SPEED READING IN ONLY ONE HOUR course right in your own home.

1. Test your current reading rate and efficiency. 2. Eliminate Slow Reading Habits
3. Learn Speed Pacing, for all types of reading 4. Double your reading speed right away.
5. Do it all in One Hour

Making your own speed reading device
Learn to write a term paper in only 10 days

Learn to effectively read a book to get the most out of it.


New ... 3rd edition

Temas: Beginner, Informative, Tips & Tricks, y How-To Guides

Publicado: Jay Polmar el
ISBN: 9781301045976
Enumerar precios: $9.97
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