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Perfect Fit: Finding Your Mate and Job Match Using Proven HR Skills

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This book provides practical and insightful information regarding searching for a mate/life partner and job fit. With numerous anecdotes and a healthy sense of humor, there are lots of golden nuggets that will help you make more effective choices when you approach these major life experiences. This book is perfect for anyone who is single looking for guidance in finding a mate. The author effectively describes the job seeker’s process of finding a good job fit and then maps and coordinates these steps with the different goal of finding an ideal mate/life partner.

The author has reviewed tens of thousands of resumes, interviewed thousands of candidates, and hired hundreds of employees. He is an expert in effectively selecting candidates to ensure excellence in job fit. He brings this extensive technical expertise to dating. Anyone who has experience as an employee and as a dating partner will quickly see and understand the parallels between these two search types, and his knowledge will satisfy the reader’s interest and desire for more information.

The author uses his 25 years in Human Resources as a coach and years in the dating world to assist others in their process. He has had progressively responsible Human Resources experiences, including the leadership role of Senior Vice President in staffing, employee relations, strategic planning, coaching, compensation, benefits, training, and organizational development spanning the high tech, auto manufacturing, action sports, and financial industries. In addition to the SPHR certification, the author also possesses a Bachelors and Masters degree in Human Resources Management.

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