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Team Building & Presentations

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Team Building & Presentations

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A two-part book packed with practical “how-to” advice on two vitally important management skills. Part One will teach you how to mould groups of individuals into a team, so that not only you, as leader, have a sense of direction and purpose but your followers also have a "collective" sense of direction and purpose. Part Two teaches how to vest in yourself the power of effectively and persuasively presenting your vision, your plan, your ideas to any assembly of listeners from your team, or a small group to a large audience.

Do you have the courage to stand at the helm of your own ship? If not, join the crew, because you will never be the captain! If you are now the captain, or you aspire to be the captain you will need to know how to mould groups of individuals into a team, so that you as leader have a motivated and enthusiastic team of followers with a synergy much greater than the total of the individuals in the group.
Two vital management skills required are the ability to build, lead and develop effective teamwork and also to be able to make effective and persuasive presentations to your team or any assembly of people who need to know your vision, your ideas and plans.

PART ONE CONTENTS : the value of teamwork; how to select team members, how to direct and lead a team, how to hold team meetings and what to watch out for that blocks team effectiveness.

PART TWO CONTENTS: how to overcome all fear of making a strong and effective spoken presentation. You are taken step-by-step through the planning of all stages and coached in the best way to prepare and deliver your spoken message with maximum effect.

This is another short but concise book in the popular Leader’s-Edge Management tune-up series. It’s a “must-have” for managers who want to get the leading edge.

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