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What does this Biblical Hebrew book on vocabulary bring to the table for you that you will not find in any other vocabulary guide?

In Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Made Easy! you will:

*Learn Hebrew vocabulary without the mechanical process of rote memory.

*Learn Hebrew more quickly an easily than you thought possible.

*Lean how to distinguish between "homophones" and "homonyms" in Hebrew - words that sound alike and words that are based on the same consonants.

*Master over 500 Hebrew words in 28 with a minimal time commitment.

*Have quick access to find any Hebrew vocabulary word with a complete Index.

*Be able to quickly review all homophones and homonyms.

*Gain confidence in your mastery of Biblical Hebrew.

These benefits are accomplished by the use of ancient "mnemonics," or memory aids, that were used for centuries prior the printing press and are now available to you to help you conquer Biblical Hebrew vocabulary.

Additional Features in the Newly Revised and Expanded Edition Include:

*Updated Mnemonics and Cross Indexing of "Homophones"

*"Read Aloud" and "Homophone Challenge" Exercises at the end of each chapter

*"Expert Advice" section from renowned Hebrew Professors

*Updated Cover

About the Author:

Blair W. Kasfeldt is the author of various books and ebooks on memory techniques and methods for adults and children. His titles include:

*My Body Remembers The 10 Commandments!

*Biblical Greek: Vocabulary Made Easy!

*Biblical Hebrew Made Easy! The Triad System

*Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!

*Super Memory! Memorize the 66 Books of the Bible Quickly and Easily!

*And More!

Please note: Due to file size restrictions the eBook version does not contain chapter end notes.

About the Author:
Blair W. Kasfeldt holds a B.A. in Theology and Biblical Languages as well as a M.A. in Theology from Concordia Theological Seminary.

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You will not be using rote memory techniques to learn Hebrew vocabulary in this guide, rather you will be using mnemonics, or memory aids based on mental imagery and sound-alike words.

The method employed in this vocabulary guide is to find an English word that sounds similar to the vocabulary word being learned and associating the sound-alike word to the definition of the vocabulary word to be learned. This process is done in the mind’s eye or imagination.

sounds like the English word, fish. So you would associate fish (English sound-alike) to man (Hebrew definition) by using your imagination. Vividly see in your mind’s eye a man that is actually a fish.

Words in bold in this vocabulary guide are the English sound-alike, while the word(s) in italic are the definition(s).

Sephardic pronunciation of Hebrew is used throughout for consistency. Consistency of pronunciation is vital to properly learning and retaining Hebrew vocabulary. Many Hebrew words sound similar, so be careful to properly pronounce each word to minimize