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Celluloid Steroid

Celluloid Steroid

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Celluloid Steroid

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Oct 3, 2012


There is a form of using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) that seems to escape most casual observers, although it is taking place literally right before every one's eyes. PEDs are normally mentioned in connection with pro athletes or hardcore bodybuilders, but have you ever wondered how a famous movie star who has always been more on the skinny or the chubby side manages to turn into a muscle-bound hunk almost over night?
While authorities make life difficult for the average gym rat, celebrities in the film- and entertainment industry seem to have a carte blanche to use illegal substances in order to bulk up for their next superhero flick. Only recently, the noose has begun to slowly tighten around a growing number of VIP necks, too.
In this in-depth report an insider for the first time comprehensively elaborates how widespread yet hushed up the usage of performance-enhancing drugs is in today's action film industry. Scrutinizing the matter from various angles, this book comments on affected movie actors and their notorious personal trainers and explains the most common PED regimens employed by people who make a living out of looking kick-ass.

Oct 3, 2012

Sobre el autor

Originally starting out as an illustrator, I earned a crust for nearly 15 years as a modestly successful comic book artist. To mend wages, I played the piano in several bands on the side, even aspiring to become a professional musician at one point. However, after winning a couple of martial arts tournaments and after being a member of the German National Wushu Team for several years, I decided to take a shot at the action movie business. I went to China and turned stuntman. I lived and worked in Hong Kong and Shanghai mostly, did some big & some low budget movies, TV series, commercials, modeling jobs, what have you. But although I hit the cutting room floor more than once, I was lucky enough to get to work with many renowned actors and directors along the way. After almost eight years in action film, I decided that I was getting a little too old for hiring my body out for pay. Kind of going back to my roots, I've now returned to my first love... story-telling in its various forms. With today's digital revolution this is a fresh challenge with a totally new take on the whole thing. Anyway, I'm definitely still a confirmed gym rat and hooked on physical exercise, and therefore, I keep working as a fitness instructor & nutritionist, dividing my time between the power rack and the computer desk.

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Celluloid Steroid - Stefan Morawietz

Celluloid Steroid

The Hollywood Guide to Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Stefan Morawietz

Copyright Stefan Morawietz

Cover design and illustrations by the author

Smashwords Edition 2012

All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher, with the exception of brief excerpts used for the purposes of review. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Books written by Stefan Morawietz can be obtained either through the author's official website


or through selected online book retailers.




A Down-and-Dirty Situation Report on Performance-Enhancing Drugs in the Entertainment Industry

Chapter 1: Reality Check

A Brief History of Steroid Usage in the Movie Industry

The Bottom Line

Chapter 2: The Nitty Gritty

Disclaimer… Revisited

Chapter 3: Straight Talk

Chapter 4: Cycles

Chapter 5: Cycling Methods

The Active Half-Life of Steroids

The Better-Safe-Than-Sorry Approach

The Short Cycle

Short Cycle Samples

The Short Double-Mini

Short Double-Mini Sample

Beefing Up (The VIP Way)

The Straight Cycle

Straight Cycle Sample

The Double Mini

Double Mini Sample

Non-Aromatizing Cycle Sample

Beefing Up (The Insane Way)

A Short Excursion into the World of Pro Bodybuilding

Blast-and-Cruise for Film

Chapter 6: The Post Cycle

1. Reducing Muscle Loss and Keeping Cortisol in Check

2. Boosting Natural Testosterone

3. Combating Estrogen

Post Cycle Sample 1

Post Cycle Sample 2

Chapter 7: Steroid Profiles


Short-Acting Compounds





Long-Acting Compounds















Chapter 8: The Short Cycle and HGH

Chapter 9: The Hollywood Diet

Troy Cycle

The VIP Double-Mini

Wolverine Cycle

The VIP Straight Cycle 1

The VIP Straight Cycle 2


About the Author



The author and the publisher in no way condone or encourage the use of anabolic/androgenic steroids. This eBook is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be used as a reference guide. Steroids are legally available only by prescription. The author and the publisher have used their best efforts in preparing this eBook and make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents. This eBook is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. Please, store your files where they cannot be accessed by minors.

If you’re not into big muscles (or you don’t want to admit you are) you might wanna skip this publication. This eBook contains so much testosterone that reading it may give you heavy acne, male pattern baldness and significantly increased libido. The author/publisher shall in no event be held liable for any damages.

So, now we’ve got this all cleared up, here’s our little piece of investigative journalism...


As you can probably tell from the title, when I started working on this little volume about performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), I did not have today’s competitive bodybuilding community in mind. Those guys certainly don’t need my advice. Well, maybe they could use it, but that’s another story. My original target audience was indeed so small that any form of publishing actually almost seemed silly. Or so I thought. Before anything else, I wanted to shine a light on the way steroids and other PEDs are used by many successful professionals within the entertainment industry of today: fitness models, action actors, pro wrestlers, stage fighters, etc. I planned an involved treatise of sorts, gung-ho, but at the same time sober and factual, containing all the presently available, true-to-life information on the topic. Without pointing fingers, but also without soft-pedaling. A tightrope walk, for sure. And still, I felt it was time to separate the wheat from the chaff – up to date, unbiased and to the best of my knowledge. I felt that a full-blown, all-in-all eye opener had been long overdue. If I had a penny for every time I got drawn into a debate on the subject of anabolic/androgenic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs and their wide-spread use in show biz, I’d be a friggin’ millionaire. On top of that, I'm sick and tired of so-called training experts contaminating the Internet with hackneyed statements like: With a nutrition team and the right training regimen ANY mesomorphic actor can easily gain 30 pounds of solid muscle in 3 months... since bodybuilding success is 80 % down to nutrition anyway! Wow, that's really scientific. Why don't you go and read some serious sports science publication for a change, instead of the bilge of some juiced-to-the-gills bodybuilding champion in glossy supplement advertising magazines like Flex or Muscle & Fitness? Do me a favor and do your homework before you talk big. I don’t claim to be a medical laboratory scientific officer or anything of the kind, mind you. I’m a pro-athlete-turned-stunt-performer-turned-personal-trainer (and a certified fitness instructor and nutritionist, by the way) who has been in this business and close to the action for more than 25 years, both film and gym work combined.

What does a guy like me know about steroids, then? Well, plenty. Probably more than a large number of physicians, I dare say. Toiling away in the movie industry, particularly in the action movie industry, you sooner or later get confronted with the sad truth that these substances are quite common there, or more precisely: sometimes there’s no way of getting around them. So you’d better thoroughly acquaint yourself with the topic.

There are certain professions in show biz where an above-average physique is a requirement for earning a crust in the first place. For that reason, it began dawning on me that there might be more guys like me out there... guys who simply want to know what the deal is. Straight talk. Nothing more, nothing less. Guys looking for matter-of-fact information they could employ to advantage in their respective line of work... in order to look better, train better and perform better... without risking their health or losing their shirts. This information gets particularly handy once you’ve blown out 30 candles on your birthday cake. Past 40, it may become vital for some performing artists… unless one is looking forward to retirement. And if you're not in show biz, maybe you just want to connect the dots and to know what you're actually talking about next time some smart ass or bodybuilding authority brings up the matter. No need for sugar-coating things, PEDs have helped extending the expiry dates of many careers in

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