The Onlooker

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The Onlooker

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Ricky is only happy to be out of school for some time. He never expected to find a mysterious diary in the park on the first day of his vacation. He finds he can’t stop thinking about it, puzzles as to why the writer does not name himself anywhere in the book, and starts to read the book. He’s astonished at the maturity level of the writer. As a six year old child, the writer is conscious of sin and recompense. He names the unknown writer as ‘the onlooker ’who observes the behaviour of number of persons inclined to commit wrong doings and afterwards suffer for it. That every narration stands converted into a unique story.
As the stories in the diary unravel, Ricky finds himself getting deeper and deeper into this new world and finding philosophy he needed to hear. Ricky’s life is changed by the depth and driven by the need for his unknown author to guide him.
This story may appeal to anyone with strong ethics or principles.

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