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Sep 3, 2012


How? Who? What? Where? When? Why? Why are we here? The human code deciphered.

Sep 3, 2012

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GodQuest - Mia Rodriguez


Published by Mia Rodriguez at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Mia Rodriguez

Thank you for downloading this free ebook. Although this is a free book, it remains the copyrighted property of the author, and may not be reproduced, copied and distributed for commercial or non-commercial purposes. If you enjoyed this book, please encourage your friends to download their own copy at Smashwords.com. where they can discover other works by the author. Thank you for your support.


Dedicated to all the truth seekers and fearless quest takers.


I've searched for God since I was a very small child. A powerful feeling of the supernatural out there kept me asking questions, kept me wondering about all the dimensions involved in being human.

GodQuest is a book about the answers that came back to me from my quest for the great mystery. Let me emphasize that I'm not claiming to be a prophet or anything of the sort. These are just ideas. And they're written in simple terms—nothing highbrow or so complicated that it takes months to figure out.

I wrote GodQuest because I truly believe that the secret to life is at our fingertips. It didn't take a singular, super-dramatic event for me to come up with these concepts. I didn't stand on a mountain and get struck by lightning or see a burning bush. It's taken my lifetime so far to painstakingly come up with these ideas. I just want to share them with you so that maybe as a humanity we can start having a healthy dialogue about a peace consciousness instead of staying on the road to our own destruction.

Mine are superior to yours—is that the best we can do?

War—is that the best we can do?

My God is better than yours—is that the best we can do?

To put it simply, millions of people interpret God's place in the universe every day. They interpret the meaning, purpose, and intentions of an all powerful creator.

GodQuest is my interpretation.


Omniscient Creator

77 Angel Steps

Heaven, Eternity 88888


Human Beings

3rd Planet from the Sun

Earth, Universe, 22222

Dear Family,

I hear your prayers, I feel your anguished pleas, and I taste the bitterness of what’s happening to you. I see and feel everything. I know how desperate it’s getting down there and your torment thrashes inside of me, hurting my heart as much as it hurts yours. But as I am a democratic creator who gives you free will, I can’t save you. You can only save yourselves. Don’t despair! What you have inside of you is much more powerful than you can ever imagine and it’s connected to me. My power is your power to be used and harnessed by you. Please be responsible with it.

What I can do is throw you a life line but it’s up to you to grab it and pull yourselves out. In the midst of a suffering global economy, devastating wars, natural disasters, and environmental dangers, I know you want me to step in and magically resolve this whirlwind of catastrophes but I have to remind you that you are authors of your own book. And furthermore, if you stop and contemplate, if you dig for answers, you can transform yourselves with a change of consciousness and as a result transform your world.

You are in the age of enlightenment. The window of wisdom is wide open. Your lifelong quest for truth, even though it should always be ongoing with no end in sight, has the opportunity to be more focused and comprehensive.

It’s time for you to act like the family you are, it’s time for peace, and it’s time for a spiritual revolution of epic proportions.

You have your future in your hands.


I created you with all the love that exists in every atom of the universe. With a love so deep that it has no depth, no end, no holes. It is a love so pure that the sun easily penetrates through it. It is a love so big, there are no edges in sight.

Even when acting like bitter enemies, you’re still connected to one another with this love and by the bonds of creation. You're all in one small boat and have to depend on each other. That tiny planet is your home no matter if you divide it as if you live in different galaxies. And your host planet is saying—enough! Mother earth is fast reaching her limit.

You are being confronted with the explosive energy of your home coughing up all the abuse, trash and bad vibrations it’s been submitted to. It’s all connected—the physical and the emotional violence in the air. Emotional scars are often worse than physical ones. Ugly words may be carried throughout a life while purple bruises disappear much faster. Mother Earth does the same. It’s a living, breathing organism instead of a solid piece of rock, and it’s being bombarded by both emotional and physical abuse. Since everything is connected, we’re all suffering through this.

The most important challenge facing you today is to first heal yourselves from the inside so that the repairs go to the outside, to the entire planet.

Don’t feel helpless.

Don’t feel small.

Don’t feel overwhelmed.

Your mind may ask you, What can one person do? It’s usually the few who do the most because everyone else is entrenched in status quo or is too fearful to respond. Do not, even for a sole second, forget who you are.

You are powerful!

Who You Are

You are my pride and joy, a creation so miraculous, I'm overcome with emotion just thinking about

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