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Master the Biblical Hebrew Verbal System — Quickly and Easily!
Utilizing ancient memory principles, students of Biblical Hebrew will quickly learn: the verbal system, the seven stems of the Strong Verbs in Hebrew and much more!
The "Triad Sytem" transforms abstract letters and vowels into concrete and easily rememerable signs. Students using this method will progress quickly in mastering the most difficult aspect of any language — the verbal system.
"The Triad System" is a unique and previously unseen system of memorization based on time proven principles of memory.
If you've ever struggled with learning Hebrew or thought learning Hebrew was out of your grasp, this is a "must-have" addition to your library!
This text is a complete system of memorization for Biblical Hebrew paradigms, not a Hebrew Grammar.
A standard Hebrew Grammar will be necessary to benefit the most from this amazing system of memorization.
From the author of the best-selling Hebrew Vocabulary book, "Biblical Hebrew: Vocabulary Made Easy!"

Publicado: Blair Kasfeldt on
ISBN: 9781301814725
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