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Secrets of the Window Washing Business
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Want to be your own boss? Then learn the Secrets of the Window Washing Business!

Other courses offer the same information (crammed with fluff and filler) for hundreds of dollars! With less than $100 you can begin earning money IMMEDIATELY!

Proven from years of experience from the author who has been profitably washing windows, residential and commercial, since 2004.

You'll learn:
*How to Professionally Clean Glass
*How to bid Residential and Commercial Accounts
*The "Secret Formula" Window Washers Use
*How to Set Up a Business Name
*How to Advertise for Success
*Use a Worksheet to Show Value and Get Customers!
*Much More!

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For less than a $100 investment in basic equipment and promotional materials you can set up a seasonal or year round window washing business. You can supplement your current income washing windows, or you can develop a full-time income from professionally washing windows.

I ran a part-time window washing business for years to supplement my income and made thousands of dollars per year washing both commercial business windows as well as residential windows. And that was in a small town of 15,000 people. Running a window washing business is easy to do if you have the motivation to start your own business.

Essential Window Washing Equipment

I wasted hundreds of dollars on equipment that was not necessary when I started. Use this list to save yourself money on buying unnecessary equipment. Here is a list of the most basic items you will need as well as my recommendations:

1. A Squeegee.

This is what you will use to clean the water off the windows. I recommend starting with a 14" squeegee. It is not so large that it is difficult to use, but large enough to clean a large surface area. I recommend buying the Ettore brand.

The squeegee consists of a handle and a blade or channel that comes in various sizes. Purchase a quick release handle so when you buy other blades or channels of various sizes (ranging from 6-22) you can quickly change blades. Otherwise you will need a screwdriver to replace the channel.

2. Buy additional rubbers for your squeegee and, if you bought an Ettore channel, you will need to purchase additional clips that hold the rubber inside the channel or blade.

I highly recommend Ettore rubbers. Do not buy cheap