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Whether or not The Illuminati – an elite body claiming an ancient pedigree – does exist, it is important that growing numbers of people nonetheless do believe it exists. So does it exist? If so, is it a force for evil or a force for good - or, as some would have it, a conspiracy aimed at making us believe there is a conspiracy? Was the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt the true inheritor of more ancient knowledge?

A force for evil or a force for good? A movement whose benevolent aim is human advancement, or whose sinister purpose is the enslavement of mankind to the capricious whims of a self-perpetuating elite?

A left wing conspiracy or a right wing conspiracy, a mysterious esoteric cabal whose lore of occult knowledge is based on ancient mystery cults - or simply a gigantic hoax, a fabrication stemming from the over-heated imaginations of conspiracy theorists?

Such is The Illuminati - a subject which has attracted vociferous claims and counter-claims down through the centuries. It has been blamed/credited - depending on who is grinding which particular axe at which particular time - for everything from wars and revolution to assassination and manipulation of global economies. ‘The Illuminati’ is conspiracy theory par excellence – as a subject it is the mother of all conspiracy theories.

Complex in the extreme, it is yet possible to discern a thread running through the subject of The Illuminati – a thread which establishes a link among The Illuminati, Freemasonry, ancient rituals of death and resurrection – and a mysterious warrior cult whose origins lie deep in the snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan.

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The Order of Illuminati, as devised by Adam Weishaupt, had its own initiatory system and rituals - which bear striking similarities to not only the rituals of Freemasonry but also appear to borrow freely from earlier mystery cults. Ceremonies for the Order were divided into three classes, or stages, with separate degrees in each group.


Where following the submission of a preparatory essay, the candidate would pass through the following degrees:

1. Novitiate

2. Minerval

3. Minor Illuminatus

4. Magistratus


In which the candidate would pass through the following degrees:


2. Fellow Craft

3. Master

4. (a) Scots Major Illuminatus and (b) Scots Illuminatus Dirigens


1. Lesser (a) Priest and (b) Prince

2. Greater (a) Magus and (b) King


Novices had to swear a binding oath of secrecy and complete obedience to their 'superiors'. The Order's authoritarian structure also has uncannily close parallels to that of the Jesuit Order. The writer Ellic Howe wrote that the Order was based on an extraordinary system of mutual espionage. At the end of every month the Novice had to deliver to his proposer a sealed letter. This contained a detailed report on every aspect of his relationship with his mentor, who sent it unopened and unread to Weishaupt through an appropriate channel. The proposer, in his turn, had to furnish similar information about the Novice. Weishaupt devised printed forms for these 'intelligence reports'. An incredible volume of information had to be supplied ... this mutual espionage was a feature of all the Illuminati grades", he