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The Illuminati

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Whether or not The Illuminati – an elite body claiming an ancient pedigree – does exist, it is important that growing numbers of people nonetheless do believe it exists. So does it exist? If so, is it a force for evil or a force for good - or, as some would have it, a conspiracy aimed at making us believe there is a conspiracy? Was the Bavarian Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt the true inheritor of more ancient knowledge?

A force for evil or a force for good? A movement whose benevolent aim is human advancement, or whose sinister purpose is the enslavement of mankind to the capricious whims of a self-perpetuating elite?

A left wing conspiracy or a right wing conspiracy, a mysterious esoteric cabal whose lore of occult knowledge is based on ancient mystery cults - or simply a gigantic hoax, a fabrication stemming from the over-heated imaginations of conspiracy theorists?

Such is The Illuminati - a subject which has attracted vociferous claims and counter-claims down through the centuries. It has been blamed/credited - depending on who is grinding which particular axe at which particular time - for everything from wars and revolution to assassination and manipulation of global economies. ‘The Illuminati’ is conspiracy theory par excellence – as a subject it is the mother of all conspiracy theories.

Complex in the extreme, it is yet possible to discern a thread running through the subject of The Illuminati – a thread which establishes a link among The Illuminati, Freemasonry, ancient rituals of death and resurrection – and a mysterious warrior cult whose origins lie deep in the snow-capped mountains of Afghanistan.

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