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How to Bake Your Business Idea and Eat It Too

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How to Bake Your Business Idea and Eat It Too

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How to Bake Your Business Idea and Eat It Too - Your Step-by-Step Guide for Start-up Business

Learn How to: (a) Kick start your new business, (b) Plan how to initiate the different processes, (c) Learn how to deal with stumbling blocks and (d) Manage your business tension-free

Over the years, I have studied many books on entrepreneurship, innovations, business management, leadership, and most importantly on success. Books on success have had the most impact on my career and personal life; they made it rather easy to identify the attributes and personal qualities that helped me achieve success, and acknowledge what needed to change in my attitude and behaviour to achieve greater success and happiness.

Throughout my career, I have been intrigued by the science of success and how simple and easily accessible it is. Yet many of us, particularly those who need success the most, are unaware of its existence or unwilling to take the first step to discover what could be a life-changing experience. In business, the majority of success comes from an entrepreneurial spirit and the strong desire to succeed. However, judging by the relatively high failure rate of start-up businesses, it is evident that many are ill-prepared, and some are ignorant of the fundamental basics required for success.
Through in-depth understanding of the material produced by leading institutions such as Harvard and INSEAD, and books written by great authors such as Napoleon Hill on success, Tom Peters and Stephen R. Covey on leadership, and Jim Collins on corporate issues, I have developed unique understanding of the prerequisites required for success. They often go beyond the skills and knowledge we acquire at university or whilst working. We are taught to graduate from college, seek a job and build a career, but are seldom taught how to create job opportunities for ourselves. Whilst many governments provide support to start-up businesses, many fail to equip them with success education they desperately need.

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