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Managing for Performance

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Managing for Performance

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Performance management is crucial to a manager's success. To be an effective manager you need to concentrate on three main areas of responsibility: determining the objective of your team and how it will be reached; ensuring your team members are selected, developed and trained appropriately; and motivating the individuals so that the objective is achieved.

‘Managing for Performance’ is an accessible, practical guide to performance management techniques and how to apply them. Chapters look at how to manage upwards in order to achieve the objective, planning and resources, you and your management style, communicating information, selling the cause, setting goals, and monitoring performance and feedback. With the help of illuminating examples, Alasdair White enables you to obtain the best performance possible from yourself and your team so that you fulfil all of your aims and goals.

‘Managing for Performance’ will appeal to all managers who want to improve their leadership skills and increase the efficiency of their team.

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